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Kassel Jaeger Corps 1776
Hesse Grenadiers 1776
Kassel  Jaegers 1776
Hessian light horse 1776
Hessian standards 1813-15
Bergen 1759
Wurzburg standard
Franconian banner of Medieval times
Jaeger of Weimar
the jena campaign 1806
battle of Jena 1806
Jena marketplace
banner of Schwarzburg Rudolstadt
Schwarzburg Sonderhausen
Reuss Greiz flag of C17
Saxe Coburg Gotha flag of Renaissance times
standard of Anhalt
standards of Anhalt Dessau
Hessian 1866
Anhalt cockade
full size version of small states map
Gustav Adolfs assault on Wallensteins camp outside Nuremberg
An early battle of the 30 Years War
Further 30 Years War battle