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British troops defend the western borders of Hannover against French cavalry at Minden 1759
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C18 standards
Hanover cavalry 1759
standard of the Hanoverian Guards
Hanoverian KGL infantry in British service during the Napoleonic Wars
St Pol regt
Tozin regt
Hulsen regt
Mally de Charles regt
Bernsdorff regt
shield of Oldenburg
standard of Oldenburg
Hanoverian troops at Minden
Bennigsens Hanoverian Regt circa 1815
Minden 1759
the field of Hastenbeck
standards of Brunswick
standard of Lippe
Brunswick helmet cockade
Brunswick Jaegers of the Napoleonic Wars
double click for pic of the battle of Lutter 1626
Mecklenburg Strelitz
standard of Hamburg
Hanover fights Prussia at Langensalza 1866
Hanover artillery 1866
Bremen cockade
Hamburg and Lubeck cockade
Schleswig Holstein banner