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fighting around Chulm church
Prussian dragoons charge Saxon artillery
Hanoverian artillery
Hesse Kassel infanty
Hessian troops charge
Saxon general on the Austrian side
Wurrtemberg cavalry 1866
Prussians fight Hanoverians at Langensalza 1866
Dragoon Guards 1866
Austrian standard
Austrian hussar 1866
Austrian infantry on the march
Austrian Cuirassier 1866
Austrian Regt 14 1866
the field of Nachod 1866
Austrian infantry officer 1866
Austrian Jaeger 1866
Austrian limber of 1866 showing the yellow painted artillery equipment
assorted Austrians of 1866
Austrian Cuirassier
Hungarian corporal 1866
Hungarian hussar
Sadowa 1866
Austrian jaegers assault Custozza in Lombardy 1866
Hungarian infantry 1866
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