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Belgian figher of WW1
Belgian troops 1830-1914
Brabantine patriot 1789
Belgian infantry 1914
Belgians at Zeebrugge harbour WW1
Carabinier cyclists 1914
Ardennes 1944
Oudenaarde in 1708 was typical of this land of fortresses
the Belgian Legion at Tacambaro in Mexico 1865
Belgian troops of 1914-18
Belgian troops of the early C19 and of 1885
Spanish troops in Bruxelles early C17
ancient flag of Oudenaarde
Empress Charlotte's regt in Mexico 1865
Dutch - Belgian foot 1815
Defending Antwerp 1914
Empress Charlottes regt in Mexico 1865
chasseur a cheval 1914
lancer 1914
civil guard 1914
Horse Guide of 1914
Belgian infantry 1940
C17 spanish parade in Bruxelles
Belgians 1900
Troops of the Austrian Netherlands 1790s