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The Battles of Ligny Quatre Bras & Waterloo 1815
Belgian foot
Dutch - Belgian horse
Dutch - Belgian foot
British dragoons
British rifles
British horse artillery
British hussars
British life guard of horse
British foot artillery
British foot
British foot
British line infantry NCO
Wellington, architect of the Waterloo victory
Nassauer foot
Brunswick Jaeger
Brunswick foot
Hanoverian hussars
Kings German Legion foot
Nassau foot
Prussian artillery
Prussian dragoons
Prussian Jaeger
Prussian Militia
Prussian foot
Prussian regimental standard
Prussian Uhlan lancers
French Horse Chasseurs
French Dragoons
Prussian lancers
French artillery
The Young Guard
French line infantry
French regimental eagle
French line infantry
brussels,belgium,conflict, skirmish,battle,waterloo,la,haye,sainte,hougoumont,
French dragoon 1815
French dragoon
French artillery
Napoleons Polish lancers take a beating at Waterloo