Wars 13000 BC - 2004

In 1968 Will and Ariel Durant estimated that only 268 out of 3,421 years have been free from war.

Date                       Wars of the World              1,000's Dead

13,000 B.C. Evidence of war along Egypt’s Nile River Dallas Morning News 9/16/03 p.16A

10,000 B.C. Spotty evidence of war Dallas Morning News 9/16/03 p.16A

2900 B.C.   Kish of Sumer builds his empire

2775-2650 BC.    Khasekhemwy reunites Egypt & fights Nubia

2750 B.C.   Gilgamesh of Uruk forges his Empire in Mesopotamia

2700 B.C.   Enmebargesi of Kish defeats Elam

2670/2600 B.C.    Mesannepadda of Ur defeats Agga of Kish in Mesopotamia

Upper Egypt Conquers Lower Egypt & Kush

2500 BC     King Mesilim conquers Sumer

~1500 B.C.  Los Millaraes, Spain destroyed

2450 B.C.   King Eannatum of Lagash defeats Umma.

2405 B.C.   Gilgamesh wages his battles in Mesopotamia

2400 B.C.   Troy destroyed for second time in Anatolia

2400 B.C.   Eannatum of Lagash attacks Elam

2375 B.C.   Lugalzaggesi of Umma defeats Lagash, killing 20 heaps 1K?) + 3.6

2360 B.C.   King Lugalzaggesi of Umma, Sumer

2355-2279 BC.    Sargon I (the Great), 34 battles

2350 B.C.   Sargon of Agade/Akkad conquers Elam

2300 B.C.   Hittites come to Anatolia (Asia Minor)                     50

2300 B.C.   Amorites conquer Syria and Palestine

2300 B.C.   Jericho and Et-tell destroyed in Palestine

2280 B.C.   Elam invades Babylonia. Oldest known treaty

-2100 B.C.  Gutians conquer Sumer in Mesopotamia

2150 B.C.   Gebal (Byblos) sacked probably by Amorites

2126 B.C.   Elamites conquer Isin in Sumeria

2100- B.C.  Ur-Nammu of Ur begins his conquests

2100 B.C.   Egypt retakes Nubia

~2100 B.C.  Chinese Hsia Dynasty begins

~2050 B.C.  Shulgi of Ur captures Babylon

2006/2004/1950BC Ur (40K-180K-300K) destroyed by Elamites 60

~2000 B.C.  Amorites conquer Asshur, Babylon, other cities

~1900 B.C.  Babylonians, Larsa, and Elam fight Canaanites

1900 B.C.   Byblos burned in northern Lebanon

mid 18th    Ishbi-Dagon of Isin drove Elamites out of Ur

mid 18th    Turukku tribe of Hurrians fight Mari

1790 B.C.   Rim-Sin of Larsa conquers the city of Isin in Mesopotamia

1776 B.C.   Sekhemkare and Egyptians defeat Nubians

1765-1764 BC.    Hammurapi conquers Elam in southwestern Iran

1763-1762 BC.    Hammurapi conquers Mari, Eshnunna, Larsa-Isin

1761-1760 BC.    Akkadians conquer Assyrians Hammurapi/Ishme-Dagon I

~1750 B.C.  First Shang Emperor Tang takes over decadent Xia

1749/1712  Elamites attack Babylon

~1701 B.C.  Hittites fight in Anatolia (Asia Minor)

1700/1640 BC.     Hyksos and their chariots conquer Egypt

1650 B.C.   Shechem destroyed in Palestine

1631 B.C.   Cushites conquer Wawat in Sudan

1630 B.C.   Cushites raid Egypt

1600-1581 BC.    Kashku fight Hittites

~1600-~1193      Kashku fight Hittites

1590 B.C.   Hittites sack Babylon

1573/55-1540     Kamose starts to overthrow Hyksos in Egypt

1570 B.C.   Kassites conquer Babylon

1550 B.C.   Egyptians complete driving out Hyksos

1544-1543 BC.    Egytptians conquer part of Nubia

1529 B.C.   Kushites fight among themselves

4/1529-9/10/1529 Thutmose conquers Nubia

1504-1492 BC.    Pharaoh Thutmosis I's campaigns

1500 B.C.   Egypt destroys Debir, Hazor, Jericho, others in Palestine

1500 B.C.   First house burned in San Jose Mogote in Oaxaca Dal. Morn. News 9/16/03 p.16A

~1500 B.C.  Maltese Temple Cult Culture destroyed

~1500-1450 BC    Aryans destroy Harappans in India and Pakistan     1000

~~1490      Thutmose I captures Kerma in Nubia

1485 B.C.   Thutmose III of Egypt captures Arvad in Phoenicia

1483-1437 BC.    Thutmose III of Egypt 17 campaigns - Napoleon of Egypt

1483/1468 BC.     @Megiddo Thutmose III defeats Canaanites        0.083

c.1454 B.C. Qadesh revolts from Egypt

~1450 B.C.  Mycenaean Greeks destroy Minoans on Crete 500

~1446 B.C.  Egyptian army drowns in the Red Sea

~1440 B.C.  Amalekites defeat Israelites

1424 B.C.   @Kurukshetra Bharata battle (Krishna) in Mahabharata

1401 B.C.   Joshua defeats Bashan in Transjordan

~1400-1100 BC    1 Shang battle in China                       2.656

1400-1362 BC.    Joshua's Conquest of Canaan    600

1390 B.C.   @Takshasila Aryans defeat Takshaka (or West) Nagas

1386 B.C.   Egyptians fight Nubians under Amenhotep III

1385-1325 BC.    Shubbiluliuma enourages fighting in Palestine

1382  Cushan-Rishathaim of Aram Naharaim subjugates Israel

1374/1373  Othniel son of Kenax defeats Aramaeans

1370 B.C.? Danites destroy Laish in Palestine

1366 B.C.   Suppiluliuma defeats Mitanni

~1360/1250 BC    Israel vs. Benjamin (Judges 20)        90.13

1340 B.C.   Hittites conquer Kizzuwatna

~1335 B.C.  Shamgar vs. Philistines    0.6

~1335 B.C.  Israel vs. Hazor   2.7

~1334 B.C.  Eglon of Moab defeats Israel    10

1324-1264 BC.    Shang Emperor Wu Ding against Gui and Wei

1318 B.C.   Pharoah Seti I conquers Galilee and Phoenicia

1316 B.C.   Ehud of Israel defeats Eglon of Moab

~1310 B.C.  Hittites defeat Arzawa

1300 B.C.   Pharoah Seti I burns Hazor

1300 B.C.   San Jose Mogota in Oxaca defensive wooden stakes Dal. Morn. News 9/16/03 p.16A

1298 B.C.   Rameses II conquers Phoenicia

1295-1292 BC.    Shang Emp. Wuding conquers Xia Zhu, Guifang & Tufang

5/1285/1286 BC. @Kadesh 20K Egypt vs. 19.5K Hittites tie 13

1286-1297 BC.    Hittites and Egyptians fight

1280 B.C.   Egyptians sack Ashkelon

1265-1235  Shalmaneser I destroys Mitanni

1257 B.C.   Jabin of Hazor subdues Israel

1250 B.C.   Pylos destroyed

1250 B.C.   "Thrusa" people try to invade Egypt under Pharaoh Merenptah

~1250 B.C.  Israel destroys most of Midian 120

1250-1200 BC.    Four other Palestinian cities captured or destroyed

1243 B.C.-  Assyrians defeat Nairi

1237 B.C.   Deborah and Barak defeat Jaabin of Hazor

1230 B.C.   Lachish destroyed

1201 B.C.   Debir Destroyed

~1227 B.C.  Jephthah & Israel vs. Ephraimites     42

1225 B.C.   Assyrian Tukulti-Ninurta captures Babylon

mid 11th    Assyria & Elam defeat Kassite Kashtiliash

4/15/1220 BC.     Egypt & Libya 6 hour battle 13K Libyans killed      16

1216 B.C.   Deborah and Barak defeat Hazor

1208 B.C.   Revolt in Assyria, Tukulti-Ninurta slain

1205 B.C.   Sea peoples attack Sidon

1204-1000 BC.    Frequent fighting in Assyrian Empire

1204-1192 BC.    @Troy Homer’s Trojan War

1202 B.C.   Barbarians overrun Crete

1201 B.C.   Hattusa razed in Asia Minor

1200 B.C.   Philistines enter Canaan in force

c.1200 B.C. Philistines sack Sidon. Some refugees build Tyre.

1199  Midianites oppress Israelites

1199-1150 BC.    Dorian Greeks conquer Aegean

1196 B.C.   Rameses III drives back Sea Peoples

1191 B.C.   Gideon and Israelites defeat Midian

1190 B.C.   Hittites Sea Battle off Cyprus

1190  Hattusas sacked in Anatolia

1189-1179 BC.    First Egyptian-Libyan War

1185 B.C.   Egyptians defeat Sea Peoples at the mouth of the Nile

1183-1173 BC.    Second Egypt-Libyan War

1182 B.C.   Phrygians destroy Amisus (Samsun)

1180 B.C.   Ugarit is destroyed

1169 B.C.   Gideon defeats Midianites

1155 B.C.   Shutruk-Nahhunte of Elam destroys Kassite army

1153 B.C.   Elamite Shutruk-Nahhunte-I captures Babylon

~1151 B.C.  Battle of Ten Kings in India                  6

1150 B.C.   Philistines sack Sidon

1140 B.C.   Barbarians drive out Dorians

~1149 B.C.  Abimelech killed in Israelite Civil War

1140-1000 BC.    Dorians overrun Mycenae Greeks

1125 B.C.   Assyrians try to attack Nebuchadnezzar I

1120 B.C.   Tiglath Pileser defeats Mushki

1116 B.C.   Assyrians fight off northern attackers

~1105-1000 BC    Philistines vs. Israel (Judges 13, 1 Sam 4:11)            30

~1100-800 B.C.   Violent Dark Age in Greece - no writing

~1100 B.C.  Dorian Greeks invade Mycenae

~1100 B.C.  @Chaoge (or Muye) Zhou destroy Di-xin of Shang

~1100 B.C.  Abimelech vs. Shechem (Judges 9:49)                1

~1100 B.C.  Samson kills Philistines            4

Israel vs. Arameans and Ammon-2Sam 10:18)             47

1115-1077 Tiglath Pileser and Assyrians wage 27 Campaigns

1087 B.C.   Jephthah defeats Philistines and Ammonites

c.1046-1027 B.C. Zhou destroy the Shang Empire in China

1003 B.C.   David captures Jerusalem

1002 B.C.   @Han River King Zhao of Zhou dies on campaign

~1000 B.C.  Battle in the Mahabharata

1000 B.C.   Chou defeat Shang in China

~998 B.C.   Israel under David vs. Moab                         10

~997 B.C.   Israel Civil War Absalom -2Sam 18:7        20

969 B.C.    Egypt sacks Gezer as Solomon’s wedding present

~951 B.C.   Hiram of Tyre subjugates Tityans

950/945 B.C.      Libyan Shishaq takes Egyptian throne

926 B.C.    Shishak of Egypt invades Judah

>926 B.C.   Jeroboam/Abijah Israel/Judah fight          500

918 B.C.    Shishak destroys Taanach

911-894 B.C.      Assyrian Adad Nirari II campaigns

909 B.C.    @Gibbethon Israelites besiege Philistines

900 B.C.    San Lorenzo, Mexico destroyed by revolt

897 B.C.    Ethball overthrows Phelles in Tyre

889-886 B.C.      Assyrian Tukulti Ninurta II campaigns

884/3-878 B.C.    Assyrian Ashurnasirpal II campaigns

866 B.C.    Assyrian Ashurnasirpal II campaigns

865 B.C.    Assyrian Shalmaneser III conquers Kar Kalmaneser

860 B.C.    Biainili (Urartu) is unified

859-824 B.C.      Assyrian Shalmaneser III has 32 campaigns

858 B.C.    Assyrian Ashurnasirpal II campaigns

858 B.C.    Assyria fights Urartu

857 B.C.    Attacked Bit-Adini (Eden)

857 B.C.    Assyrians capture Carchemish

856 B.C.    Assyria fights Urartu

853 B.C.    @Qarqar Assyrians vs. coalition tie

850-841 B.C.      Assyrians fight Aramaeans

850 B.C.    Assyria besieges Gannanatu

9th Century Hasanlu of Urartu burned

843 B.C.    Assyria sacks Allabria,Parsua,Abdadani,Khaban,Namri

841 B.C.    Assyrians fight Hazael; fail to take Damascus

841 B.C.    Jehu rebels and kills the kings of Israel and Judah

841 B.C.    Assyrian defeats Parasca

839 B.C.    Assyria campaigns in Cilicia

836 B.C.    Assyrians fight Zagros Mountains tribes

836/835 B.C.      Near Hamadan Shalmaneser III defeats Medes

835 B.C.    Assyria sacks Shalmnas

832 B.C.    @Arsanies Assyrians defeat Urartu

832 B.C.    Shalmaneser III captures Tarshish

831 B.C.    Patinu rebels from Assyria

830-827 B.C.      Assyria fights Urartu

828 B.C.    Assyrians fight against Urartu & sacks Musasin

826-820 B.C.      Assyrian rebellion

824-805 B.C.      Urartu Empire expands

809 B.C.    Assyria fights Media

808 BCC.    Assyrians fight Guzanu

807-806 B.C.      Assyrians fight Mannaeans

806 B.C.    Assyrian Adad-Nirari III sacks Arpad in Syria

804-733 B.C.      Further Urartu conquests

c.806-804 B.C.    Zakir of Hamath and Luash fight Damascas

804-802 B.C.      Assyrians attack Damascus and capture it

801 B.C.    Assyria attacks Khubbushkia

800 B.C.    Spartans conquer Laconia

800-799 B.C.      Assyria fights Media

800-700 B.C.      Nubia (Sudan) revolts from Egypt

~800 B.C.   Urartians sack 60 acre Minnean citadel at Hasanlu

798 B.C.    Assyrians fight Lushia

797 B.C.    Assyrians fight Namri

793-792 B.C.      Assyria fights Media again

791 B.C.    Assyria attacks Khubbushkia

789-787 B.C.      Assyria fights Media again

Israel vs. Arameans -1 Kings 20:29         127

786 B.C.    Assyrians fight Kisku

785-784 B.C.      Assyria attacks Khubbushkia

-616-612 BC       Assyrian Empire ends

773-754 B.C.      Assyrians campaign five times

771 B.C.    @Hao Rong barbarians kill Zhou King You

770 B.C.    Rebellion against Chou; Chou move capital

754-714 B.C.      Urartu campaigns at least once per year under Argishti I and Sarduri II

754 B.C.    Assyrian Ashurdan III sacks Arpad in Syria

745 B.C.    Tiglath Pileser III captures Damascus

743 B.C.    Civil War in Assyria

743 B.C.    Assyrians capture Kashpuna, near Tyre and Sidon

743-740 B.C.      Assyrian TIglath-Pileser III besieges and captures Arpad

740 B.C.    Spartans conquer Messenia

740-710 B.C.      Scythians overrun Cimmerians

738 B.C.    Yaudi in Syria revolts against Assyrians

737 B.C.    Assyrian Tiglath-Pileser III invades Persia

736 B.C.    Greeks take Phoenician Malta

735-715 B.C.      Ahaz Edomites capture Jews under Ahaz 2 Chr 28:17

735-715 B.C.      Ahaz Philistines raid Judah under Ahaz 2 Chr 28:18

735-730 B.C.      First Messenian war between Spartan Theopompus and Messenia

734 B.C.    Corinth takes Corfu from Eretians in Greece

734 B.C.    Assyrian Tiglath-Pileser III sacks Hazor

~733 B.C.   Israel defeats Judah 2 Chr 28:6                   120

732 B.C.    Assyrians capture Damascus

731-724 B.C.      Piye and Napatans conquer Egypt

727 B.C.    Eloulaios of Tyre suppress revolt in Cyprus

724-722     Assyrians besiege Tyre

c.724 B.C.  @Ithome Messenians defeat Spartans

723-715 B.C.      Spartans conquer Messenia

722 B.C.    Assyrians crush a revolt in southern Chaldea

722 B.C.    Sargon captures Samaria

721 B.C.    Assrians conquer Urartu

722/720 B.C.      Assyria defeats Arpad, Simirus, Damascus, Samaria

720 B.C.    @Der Assyrians defeat Chaldeans and Elamites

720 B.C.    Assyrians sack Arpad, Qarqar

717 B.C.    Phryigians persuade Carchemish to try to revolt from Assyrians

716-709     Sargon of Assyria fights Muishki

715 B.C.    Dayakk/Deies the Mede tries to rebel from Assyria

715 B.C.    Assyrians sack Ashdod and Gath

714 B.C.    Sargon II plunders Rusa I of Van (Urartu) & Mannai in Armenia

Sagron deports Mannaeans to Hamath

713-679 B.C.      Assyrians & Cimmerians attack Urartu

712 B.C.    Assyrians conquer Ekron in Philistia

708 B.C.    Assyrians capture Samsat, Anatolia

701 B.C.    Sennacherib & Assyrians capture Usse near Tyre

701 B.C.    Assyrians besiege Sidon in Phoenicia

701 B.C.    @Eltekah Assyrians meet Egyptians

701 B.C.    Assyrians sack Megiddo, Samaria, & Gibeah

701 B.C.    Assyrians conquer Philistine city of Ekron

701 B.C.    Assyrians sack Lachish many killed     1.5

701 B.C.    Assyrians killed outside Jerusalem      185

700//695 B.C.     Cimmerians fight Phrygians

700 B.C.    Chalcis and Eretia fight in Greece

700 B.C.    Assyria razes Karatepe

700 B.C.    Assyria fights Kashku

698/696 B.C.      Assyrian Sennacherib captures Tarsus (Tarshish)

689 B.C.    Assyrians sack Babylon

686 B.C.    Assyrians fight Arabs

c.683-682 B.C. @Great Foss in the 2nd Messenian War, Sparta defeats Messenia

~681 B.C.   Distrubance in China; Hwan and Kiu flee to Lu

681 B.C.    @Halulina Sennacherib fights Persians

-      681-626.B.C. have been called the "Pax Assyriaca", though

conquests still occurred

680 B.C.    Cimmerians conquer Phrygia

678 B.C.    Assyrians subdue Babylonian rebels

678 B.C.    Scythians attack Assyrians

676-673 B.C.      Assyrians besiege Sidon for 3 years

675-653 B.C.      Khshathrita the Mede defeats Assyrians

675/671 B.C.      Assyrians capture Memphis

674 B.C.    @Sile Egyptians defeat Assyrians

672 B.C.    Assyrians subdue Egyptians

671 B.C.    Assyrian Esarhaddon captures Memphis

670-669 B.C.      Egyptian Tarhaqa rebels

669 B.C.    @Hysaia Argos defeats Sparta

~670 B.C.   Scythians enter Mannai Kingdom

669 B.C.    @Hysiai Argos defeats Sparta

669 B.C.    Esarhaddon dies marching against Egyptians

668 B.C.    Argirus routes Spartans

667 B.C.    Assyrian Ashurbanipal conquers Egypt

665 B.C.    Ashurbanipal attacks Phoenicia and later Egypt

664 B.C.    Tantamani frees Egypt

664-657 B.C.      Psammetichus I unifies Egypt

660 B.C.    Messenia revolts from Sparta in Greece

653 B.C.    Scythians dominate Medes and kill Khshathrita the Mede

653 B.C.    Coup in Elam. Assyria and Elam were friendly before this

653 B.C.    Assyrians defeat Elam

653 B.C.    Egypt is free of Assyria

653 B.C.    Cimmerians defeat Lydia

652-643 B.C.      Shamash-shum-ukin rebels against brother Ashurbanipal

~650 B.C.   Messenians revolt against Spartans

650 B.C.    Scythians and Cimmerians raid Palestine

648 B.C.    Assyrians sack Babylon

646 B.C.    Ashurbanipal the Assyrian destroys Susa and exiles Elamites

642-639 B.C.      Assyrians sack Susa in Elam, and behead King Teumann

638 B.C.    @Hong River Chu defeat Duke Xiang of Song

633 B.C.    Assyrians sack Thebes in Egypt

632 B.C.    Kylon tries to take Athens from Megakles

~631/627 BC       Medes under Kyaxares besiege Ninevah

630 B.C.    Di attack north China

628-571 B.C.      Lydians fight Cimmerians

626/625 B.C.      Babylonians gain independence

625 B.C.    Cyaxares the Mede drives the Scythians out of Iran

623 B.C.    Di people attack north China

620 B.C.    Di people attack north China again

620 B.C.    Assyrian vassal states in open revolt

620-619 B.C.      Lydian Sadyattes and his son Alyattes II fight Miletus

615 B.C.    Arrapkha in Assyria captured

614 B.C.    Babylonians capture Asshur and CAlah in in Assyria

614 B.C.    Medes try to take Ninevah, Assyrian capital

~613-7-8/612     Medes sack Ninevah (Babylonians too late)

612 B.C.    Medes conquer Armenia

612-609 B.C.      Last of Assyrians destroyed

611-604 B.C.      Lydian Alyattes fights Thrasybulus of Miletus in Asia Minor

610-605 B.C.      Egyptian Pharaoh Necho II fights in Syria

609 B.C.    Medes capture Tuspa, Urartian capital

609-606 B.C.      Babylonians raid northern Israel

609/608 B.C.      Egyptians destroy Megiddo & attack Gaza

606-605 B.C.      Di attack north China

May/June/604 BC. @Carchemish Babylonians defeat the Egyptians

11-12/605/604 BC. Babylonians sack Ashkelon in Phoenicia

603 B.C.    Babylonians sack Ekron in Phoenicia

601 B.C.    Babylonians and Egyptians fight to a draw; heavy losses

600 B.C.    Lydians destroy Smyrna

600 B.C.    San Jose Mogote in Oaxaca attacked multiple times Dal. Morn. News 9/16/03 p.16A

599-598 B.C.      Babylonians fight Arabs

3/16/597 B.C.     Babylonians capture Jerusalem, but do not destroy it

596 B.C.    Nebuchadnezzar II and the Babylonians fight the Elamites

595-594 B.C.      Nebuchadnezzar II puts down revolt

593/591 B.C.      Egyptian Psamtik II+Greek,Phoeni.,Jewish merc. defeat Nubia

589-587 B.C.      Jews rebel against Babylon. Jerusalem suffers a 30-month siege

585-573 B.C.      Babylonians besiege King Ethbaal II of Tyre

585 B.C.    War ends between Medes & Alyattes of Lydia eclipse 5/28/585

584-584 B.C.      Nebuchadnezzar II besieges Tyre

581 B.C.    Babylonians deport more from Judah

570 B.C.    Greeks and Cyrene fight in Cyrenaica

570 B.C.    Greeks in Cyrene defeat Apries of Egypt

568-567 B.C.      Apries and Babylonians try to invade Egypt

560 B.C.    Croesus subjugates Ionian cities

560-547/546       Persians subdue King Croesus of Lydia

559 B.C.    Medes & Babylonians combine against Persians

555 B.C.    Sicyon liberated form a tyrant

554 B.C.    @east of Hyrminus River, Camarina tries to rebel from Syracuse

554 B.C.    Tyrant Phalais of Acragas, Sicily overthrown

553 B.C.    Camarina, Sicily tries to revolt from Syracuse

553-550 B.C.      Cyrus the Persian defeats Mede Astyages

550 B.C.    Cyrus captures Ecbatana

550 B.C.    Mede Harpagus helps Cyrus defeat Astyages

549 B.C.    Persians raid Assyria

~550’s B.C.  Babylon tries to revolt from Persia           3

546 B.C.    @Thymbra

Spr 545 B.C.       @Thyreatis 300 Argives and 300 Spartans fight           0.597

545 B.C.    Cyrus the Persian fights Msssagetae and conquers Bactria

Greeks 2.1 million mobilized Persians 5 million (Herodotus)

543 B.C.    Sinhalese Vijaya conquers Veddahs in Sri Lanka

540 B.C.    Polycrates leads revolt in Samos,

540-10/16/539 B.C. Persians conquer Babylonian Empire

Persian Empire

539 B.C.    Greeks defeat Carthaginians

535 B.C.    @Alalia 120 Etruscan+Carthaginian vs. 60 Phocaean ships 2

534-533 B.C.      Tarquinis Superbus, last Roman King, kills many senators/citizens

531 B.C.    Hystaspes puts down Hyrcanian revolt

530 B.C.    Cyrus the Persian dies fighting Scythians

528 B.C.    Persians fight Egyptians

525 B.C.    Persians conquer Cyprus

525 B.C.    @Pelusium Cambyses II/Persians/Arabs take Egypt/ Psamtik II

Jews under Persia-Esther 9:12-16     76

524 B.C.    Aristodemus of Cumae defeats Etruscans

522 B.C.    False Bardiya and Persian Civil War. Many Magi killed

522 B.C.    Persians stop Babylonian rebellion; Persians take Samos,

521 B.C.    Persians stop Babylonian rebellion

519 B.C.    Persians conquer Gandhara, India

516 B.C.    Darius of Persia campaigns

513 B.C.    Scythian Idanthyrsus repels Darius I of Persia

512 B.C.    Darius I fights Scythians in Thrace

512-510 B.C.      Celts invade Etruria. Etruscan Lars Porsens attacks Rome

510 B.C.    Tarquinius Superbus, last king of Rome, overthrown

510 B.C.    Kroton and other cities raze Greek city of Sybaris in Italy

510 B.C.    Darius invades South Russia

510-474/473 B.C. Gou Chian of Yueh conquers Fu Chai of Wu in China

508 B.C.    Etruscan Lars Porsena attacks Rome

507 B.C.    Athens defeats Thebes

507 B.C.    Spartans try to restore aristocracy in Athens.

506 B.C.    Athenians occupy Chalcis in Greece

504 B.C.    Northeast Indian Vijaya conquers Sri Lanka

502 B.C.    Latin League defeats Etruscan Lars Porsena

502 B.C.    @Pometia Latin Pometians lift Roman siege

501 B.C.    Cathaginians capture Gadir (Cadiz), Spain

500/499-478 B.C. Greco-Persian Wars

500/499-496/493 B.C. Ionian Revolt against Persians

500 B.C.    Semites invade Eritrea, Africa

500- B.C.   Bantus expand in Africa

500 B.C.    Persians besiege Naxos

499 B.C.    Persians capture Ephesus

498 B.C.    Ionians revolt against Persia

~498-415 B.C.     Selinas and Segesta fight in Sicily

497/496 B.C.      @Marysas during the Ionian Revolt, 10K Carians and 2K Persians killed 12

496 B.C.    @Regillus Romans defeat Latins                      30

494 BC.     Secession of Roman plebeians due to debt laws of Caludius

494/493 B.C.      Persians sack Miletus and end Ionian revolt

494 B.C.    @Ner Lade Greek naval battle 100 vs. 210 ships

494 B.C.    @Sepeis Sparta defeats Argives

492 B.C.    Mardonius fails in leading Persian fleet against Athens

490 B.C.    Persians destroy Eretia in Greece

8/12/490 B.C.     @Marathon 10K Greeks defeat 20K Persians. 192 Gr died 6.4192

489 B.C.    Athenian fleet tries to besiege Aegina

487 B.C.    A Sea Battle in Brassy's Wars

486 B.C.    Mycenae destroyed by citizens of Argos

484 B.C.    Geloans destroy Camarina, Sicily

483 B.C.    Selinus captures city of Megara Hyblaia

482 B.C.    Persians stop Babylonian revolt

480 B.C.    Carthaginians destroy Akragas

480 B.C.    @Thermopylae 100K Persians defeat 5K Greeks     >0.5

9/21/480 B.C.     Persians sack Athens

9/23/9/480 BC     @Salamis 360 Greek ships defeat 700-1000 Persian

~480 B.C.   @Himera, Hiero I & 55K Syracusans defeat Carthage

480 B.C.    @Artemisium ,Greece

480 B.C.    @Veii Romans defeat Veintes

479-476 B.C.      Etruscan fight Fabius

479 B.C.    @Plataea Greeks defeast Persians, Madonius killed

478 B.C.    A Sea Battle in Brassy's Wars

477 B.C.    A Sea Battle in Brassy's Wars

477 B.C.    @Cremera Etruscans massacre Fabii                 0.305

477-475 B.C.      Major war with Romans

474 B.C.    @Cumae near Naples Syracusans defeat Etruscans

474 B.C.    @Cyrene

474 B.C.    @Cumae Hiero I of Syracuse defeats Etruscans

472 B.C.    Syracusans defeat Thrasydaeus of Akragas

468 B.C.    King Argives captuires Tiryns and Mycenae in Greece

466 B.C.    @Eurymadon Athens+Delians defeat Persians 30k+100 ships

464-455 B.C.      Third Messenian war

460/459-455/454 B.C. Persians crush Egyptian rebellion, defeat 200 Athenian ships

459 B.C.    Aegina and Corinth Fight Athens but get conquered

459 B.C.    @Halleis Corinth & Epidamnus defeat Athenians

458-447 B.C.      Peloponnesian War

458 B.C.    @Aegira

456 B.C.    Aegina surrenders to Athens

~451 B.C.   Revolt against decemviri in Rome

450 B.C.    Monarchy in Cyrenaica overthrown by Republic

449 B.C.    A Sea Battle in Brassy's Wars

447 B.C.    @Coronei I

446 B.C.    Euboea revolts from Athens

446 B.C.    Perisans crush Egyptian revolt

445/425 B.C.      Samnites take Capua from Etruscans

443 B.C.    Etruscans lose Capua to Romans

442 B.C.    Samos defeats Miletus

435 B.C.    @Ambnia Gulf 80 Corcyrean defeat 75 Corinthian ships

433/2-404 B.C.    Great Peloponnesian War

431-421 B.C.      Archidamian War in Greece

431-404 B.C.      Peleponnesian War, in 15th year of the 30 year peace

429 B.C.    Athens besieged

427 B.C.    Athenians attack Lipari Islands, Greece

426 B.C.    Romans capture Fidenae

424 B.C.    Nicias and Atenians kill Thyreatians

422 B.C.    Athenian general Kleon tries to capture Amphipolis

419 B.C.    Egyptians and Persian governor Vidranga destroyed Jewish temple at Elephantine

418 B.C.    @Mantinea in Greece Spartans defeat Athenians

418/417 B.C.      Athenians massacre and enslave the neutral island of Melos

415 B.C.    @Syracuse Athens & Segesta defeated by Selinias & Syracuse

415/14-413/12 B.C. Unsuccessful Athenian siege of Syracuse

414 B.C.    Athens raids aconians

413 B.C.    Persians and Athens battle

413 B.C.    Athenians fail to take Syracuse in Sicily

412 B.C.    Miletus revolts from Athens and seeks Sparta’s protection

411 B.C.    @Cyrene

411 B.C.    @Cynoisema Athenians win

411 B.C.    Euboea revolts from Athens

410- B.C.   Carthaginians defeat Greeks in Sicily

410 B.C.    @Cyzicus I Athenians win over Spartans

409 B.C.    Alcibiades of Athens captupes Byzantium

409 B.C.    Darius II tries to rebel from Persia

409 B.C.    Carthaginians destroy Selinus, Sicily

406 B.C.    @Ephesus

405 B.C.    @Aegospotami Lysander sinks last Athenian squadron of ships

160 Athenian ships surprised on shore and destroyed

405 B.C.    Spartan Lysander expels Athenians from Byzantium

404-400 B.C.      Egypt successfully rebels from Persians

404 B.C.    Thrasybulus + 70 men capture Phyle in Greece

403 B.C.    Thirty Tyrants overthrown in Athens

403-221 B.C.      Warring States Period in China

401 B.C.    @Cunaxa Persian Civil War Cyrus the Younger revolts with Spartan help but killed

401 B.C.    Kardouchoi (Kurds?) attack Xenophon & 10K

~400 B.C.   La Venta destroyed in Mexico

~400 B.C.   Celts invade Austria

400 B.C.    Senones in Italy

400-200 B.C.      Unrest in China (Late Chou, Early Han)

400-394 B.C.      Persians + Athenians defeat Sparta

399 B.C.    Socrates executed by drinking Hemlock. Profoundly envigorated philosophy

398 B.C.    Illyrians fight Chalcidian League

397 B.C.    Carthaginians attack Lipari Islands, Greece

396 B.C.    Rome conquers Etruscan city of Veio

Spr/395 B.C.      @Sardis Agesilaus kills 6K Persians with 600 casualties           6.6

394 B.C.    @Coronei II

7/394 B.C.  @Nemea in the COrinthian war 2.8K Confederates & 1.1K Spartans killed 3.9

391 B.C.    Senones in Etruria

391 B.C.    Evagoras I of Salamis, Cyprus rebels against Persia

390 B.C.    @Allia, Senones defeat Romans

7/18/390 B.C.     Gauls sack Rome

390 B.C.    Athens captures Byzantium

389 B.C.    @Rhodes Athenians in 400 ships fight Spartans

387 B.C.    Carthaginians besiege Syracuse

385-383 B.C.      Persians try to invade Egypt

379 B.C.    @Chronium

379 B.C.    Pelopidas returns to Thebes

379 B.C.    @Cabala Syracusans defeat Carthaginians

376 B.C.    @Naxos, Greece sea-battle

375 B.C.    Han conqueres Zheng

373 B.C.    Persians try to invade Egypt

371 B.C.    @ Leuctra Thebes defeats Sparta with the oblique order

368 B.C.    Pherae drives off Thebans

365 B.C.    Spartans defeat Thebans                           6

364 B.C.    @Cynoscephala I Thebes defeats Pherae

363-362 B.C.      Isle of Kea revolts from Atahenian League

360 B.C.    Rebellion in Egypt

359 B.C.    Illyirans and Paeonians invade Macedonia

358 B.C.    Philip of Macedon invades Paeonia & Illyria

358 B.C.    Tarquinians kill 307 Roman soldiers                         0.307

358-351 B.C.      Tarquinia and Rome fight

357 B.C.    Dion, brother of Dionysius I, captures Syracuse in a coup

357 B.C.    Philip II of Macedon captures Amphipolis

357 B.C.    Byzantium gains freedom from Athens

356 B.C.    Philip II captures Potidea and Pydna

356-352 B.C.      Ten Year War for Amphipolis

356/355 B.C.      Philip II of Macedon captures Crenides (Philippi)

356-336 B.C.      Philip II of Macedon's Conquests

355 B.C.    @Delphi

352 B.C.    Philip defeats Phobians

351 B.C.    Egyptian Nectanebo II stops Persians from invading Egypt

350 B.C.    Persian Artaxerxes III Ochus tries to invade Egypt

349 B.C.    Qi defeats Zhao and Wei in China

348 B.C.    Philip of Macedon conquers Chalcidice and destroys Olynthos

346 B.C.    Philip of Macedon campaigns in Thraace

345-399 B.C.      Romans annihilate Aurunci tribe in Campapnia, Italy

345 B.C.    Cilicia rebels against Persia

345 B.C.    Tyre tries to revolt from Persia

344 B.C.    Sicily defeats Leontini

~343 B.C.   Nanda Mahapadna conquers Kalinga, India

343-341 B.C.      Persians reconquer Egypt, hold it for 10 years

342 B.C.    Philip of Macedon campaigns in Thrace

341 B.C.    Qi defeat Wei in China

341 B.C.    Romans capture Antium (Latium), Italy

341 B.C.    Philip of Macedon captures Plovdir

341-340 B.C.      Philip of Macedon besieges Byzantium

340-339 B.C.      Athens declares War on Macedon

339 B.C.    Philip II of Macedon kills Scythian king

338 B.C.    Philip II of Macedon conquers Isle of Euboea, Greece

338 B.C.    Romans occupy Anzio

336 B.C.    Philip II of Macedon takes army into Asia Minor

336-6/323 B.C.    Alexander the Great's Empire

Spr/335 B.C.      @Shipka Pass Alexander in his first campaign defeats Thracians        1.5

335 B.C.    Alexander sacks Thebes, Greece                           6

335 B.C.    Alexander defeats Thracians north of Danube

335 B.C.    Alexander’s soldiers destroy Samaria

334 B.C.    Ch'u conquer Yueh in China

334 B.C.    Alexander captures Sardis

333 B.C.    Alexander demolishes Gaza             15

332 B.C.    Alexander I of Epirus help Tarentines against Lucanians, Bruttians, and Samnites

332 B.C.    Thrace tries to rebel from Macedon

332 B.C.    Alexander conquers Kalimnos, Greece

332 B.C.    Alexander demolishes Tyre killed: 8K+2K later, 30K slaves              10

331 B.C.    Alexander the Great destroys the city of Samaria

331 B.C.    @Megalopolis Antipater the Macedonian crushes Spartan revolt

331 B.C.    Alexander conquers Cyrenaica after peacefully entering Egypt

331 B.C.    Qin fight ? in China

330 B.C.    Alexander sacks Persepolis, Darius III killed by officers

328 B.C.    Alexander conquers Bactria

327/326 B.C.      @Hydraspes Alex with 64K Mac+70K Asiatics vs. Porus (=Paurava Raja) 30K 13

327-305 B.C.      Second Samnite War with Rome

325 B.C.    Getae defeat Zopyrion the Macedonian

322-321 B.C.      Chandragupta rebels in Magadha to begin Maurya Dynasty

323-322 B.C.      Antipater the Macedonian defeats anti-Macedonian Corinthian League

322 B.C.    Perdicus, former general of Alexander, conquers Cappadocia

321 B.C.    Eumenes vs. Cratos

321 B.C.    Near Oraynis

320 B.C.    In Asia Minor, Antigonus I defeats Eumenes

319 B.C.    Antigonus

319 B.C.    @Cretopolis

318-316 B.C.      In Mesopotamia and Media, Antigonus I defeats Eumenes

316 B.C.    @Gabienu, Antigonus I defeats and kills Eumenes

317 B.C.    Paraetacene

316 B.C.    Qin conquer Shu in Szechuan

316 B.C.    Antigonus attacks Babylon

314 B.C.    Ch'i defeat Yen in China

314 B.C.    Macedonian Demetrius fights

315-295 B.C.      Romans exterminate Aurunci

314 B.C.    @Aurunci Romans massacre town

312 B.C.    @Gaza Egypt & Syria vs. Macedonian Demetrius                  5

312 B.C.    Antigonus I fails to defeat Nabataeans

310 B.C.    Romans conquer Cortona, Italy

310/309 B.C.      @Lake Vadimo Romans defeat Etruscans

307 B.C.    Siraces (Sarmatian tribe) involved in Bosporan Civil War

306 B.C.    Antigonus fights

306 B.C.    Hernici, Aurignici people try to revolt from Rome

305 B.C.    Macedonians besiege Rhodes

305 B.C.    Chandragupta defeats Seleucus I Nicator of Syria

305 B.C.    @Bovianum

304 B.C.    Agathocles attacks Lipari, Greece

304 B.C.    Romans massacre at Aequi

302 B.C.    Macedonian Demetrius vs. Cassanas?

301 B.C.    @Ipsus Seleucids gained Syria and northern Mesopotamia

300-220 B.C.      The Hsiung-Nu menace China

301 B.C.    @Ipsus Seleucids defeat Macedonians

300 B.C.    Philip of Macedon captures Philippi

299/7-293/0 B.C. Romans enslave 60K in 3rd Samnite War

288 B.C.    Macedonian Demetrius

300/295 B.C.      @Sentinum, Umbria Romans defeat Etruscans+Samnites 33.2

292 B.C.    Getae force Macedonian Lysimachus to surrender

290 B.C.    Manius Curius Denatus of Rome conquers Sabines

Wars between Rome & Etruscans & Gauls

288-249 B.C.      Qin Empire advances in China

286 B.C.    Ch;i defeat Sung

283 B.C.    @Vadimma (Vadimo) Lake Romans defeat Etruscans again

283 B.C.    CorneliusDolabella expels Senones from Italy

281 B.C.    Rome captures last Etruscan city of Vulci

281 B.C.    War of Alex's successors, Seleucus slew Lysimachus

280 B.C.    Pyrrhus + 25K + 20 elephants invades Italy

280-278 B.C.      Qin defeat Chu in China

280-279     @Delphi, Yugoslavia Romans defeat Celts

280 B.C.    @Hearclea Pyrus defeats Romans 7K Rom+4KGreeks died         11

279 B.C.    Celts amok in Thrace and sack Delphi, Greece

279 B.C.    @Asculum II Pyrrhus wins with 25K men, 20 elephants

279 B.C.    Byzantium and Rhodes fight

278-275 B.C.      Hiero II of Syracuse fights Romans

275 B.C.    Antigonus of Macedon stops invading Gauls

275 B.C.    @Malventum (Beneventum) Romans defeat Philip and Pyrrus

272 B.C.    Rome captures Tarantum

270 B.C.    Hiero II of Syracuse defeats Namertines

269-251 B.C.      Asoka conquers Kalinga in E. India 150K enslaved                 100

264 B.C.    Alexander II of Epirus tries to invade Macedon

264 B.C.    Romans defeat Hiero II of Syracuse

264-241 B.C.      First Punic War between Rome & Carthage

262 B.C.    Ephesus sacked, Temple of Diana destroyed

260-259 B.C.      Ch'in defeat Chao

260 B.C.    @Mylae Outnumbered Roman fleet defeats Carthaginians

258 B.C.    Romans destroy Camarina in Sicily

258 B.C.    Romans destroy Camarina, Sicily

258 B.C.    Antigonus II defeats Ptolemies in naval battles

256 B.C.    Chou Dynasty collapses

252 B.C.    Romans capture Lipari Islands, Greece

250 B.C.    Carthaginians again destroy Selinasa, Sicily

250-248 B.C.      Seleucid governor of Parthia revolts

246 B.C.    Antigonus II defeats Ptolemies in naval battles

246-241 B.C.      Third Syrian War

244 B.C.    Egyptians defeat Syrians

243 B.C.    Aratus of Sicyon captures Corinth from Antigonus

241 B.C.    Falerii try to revolt in Rome

240-238 B.C.      Mutiny of Carthaginian mercenaries crushed

238-228 B.C.      Carthaginians conquer Spain

237 B.C.    Romans seize Sardinia and Corsica

232 B.C.    Maurya Dynastry falls in India

230/228-222/221 B.C.   Qin / Chin defeats Chao in China

c.228 B.C.  Seleucus II attacks the Parthian Tiridates

225 B.C.    Chin conquer Wei

225 B.C.    @Telamon, Italy Romans defeat Celts (Gauls)

224-220 B.C.      Romans begin invasion of Gaul

223 B.C.    Chin conquer Ch-u in China

223-222 B.C.      @Clastidium Romans

222 B.C.    Shih huang-ti conquers Guong dong

222 B.C.    Romans capture Milan

222/221 B.C.      @Sellasia Antigonus III (Doson) defeats Spartans

221-210 B.C.      Chinese start building the Great Wall

220 B.C.    Chinese Han Dynasty Collapses

220 B.C.    Medes and Persians try to rebel from Antiochus

220 B.C.    Bastarnae and others besiege Olbia

219 B.C.    Seleucids recapture Antioch (Seleucia)

219 B.C.    Hannial attacks Sagunum, Iberia, starting the 2nd Punic War

219/218-202/201 B.C. Second Punic War, Hannibal defeated

218 B.C.    @Trebbia Carthage defeats Romans

218 B.C.    Romans destroy Larino, Italy

218 B.C.    @Cyrene

217 B.C.    Native Egyptian revolts against Ptolemies

217 B.C.    @Raphia

217 B.C.    @Lake Trasimene in 2nd Punic War

216 B.C.    Hannibal sacks Nocera Inferiore

8/216 B.C.  @Apulia (Cannae) 40k+10K Carthag. defeat 80K+6K Romans             70

215-205 B.C.      Romans defeat Philip of Macedon

214 B.C.    Chinese conquer East Kwangsi, China

214-210 B.C.      Mercellus conquers Sicily

212 B.C.    Romans conquer Syracuse 8 month siege

220-217 B.C.      Hellenic League vs. Sparta, Aetolia, & Elia?

211 B.C.    Romans destroy Capua

206 BC.     Hsiang-Yu defeats Kau-tsu

210/206-206/202 B.C. Han Dynasty established, Qin fall

210 B.C.    Seleucids conquer Media

209 B.C.    Seleucid Antiochus III invades Parthia

209 B.C.    @Canusium Hannibal defeats Quintus Fabius Maximus             2.7

208 B.C.    @Petelia Carthaginians ambush Romans                     2

208 B.C.    @Baecula Romans defeat Hasdrubal in Spain. 8K dead was too high    4

280-206 B.C.      Seleucids fight King Euthydemus of Bactria

208 B.C.    @Arius River

207 B.C.    Tsao-Tsao fights Chinese

207 B.C.    @Grumentum Livius the Roman defeats Hasdrubal the Carthaginian 8K vs. .5K 8.5

206 B.C.    @Ilipa, Roman P. Cornelius Scipio defeats Carthaginians Hasdrupal and Mago in Spain. 45K foot 3K horse Romans defeat 58K Carthaginians (Carth 70K foot with allies, 4k horse, 32 elephants

203 B.C.    Antiochus III captures Sidon

203 B.C.    Romans on the march in Gaul

202 B.C.    @Zama Romans defeat Carthaginians 20K Carth. 1.5-2 Romans killed 21.5

202-198 B.C.      Ptolemies and Seleucids fight

201 B.C.    @Chois Rhodes & Pergamum navy defeat Macedon

201 B.C.    @Mutlium Gauls defeat ROman Ampius and kill 7K reapers        7

200 B.C.    The Hsiung-Nu besiege the Chinese Emperor

202/201 BC. @Zama Romans defeat Carthaginians

200-196 B.C.      Second Macedonian War                      2

200 BC.     Romans capture Keletum, Macedonia

198 B.C.    Carthiginian general Hamilcar killed

198 B.C.    Antiochus III conquers Palestine

197-192 B.C.      Seleucids on march in Asia Minor and Greece

197 B.C.    @Cynoscephala II, Thessaly Romans defeat Philip + 26K   10

197-133 B.C.      Lusitanian War ; Romans conquer Spain

193 B.C.    Toledo, Spain falls to Romans

192-189 B.C.      Syrian War

191 B.C.    Romans defeat the Poii

191 B.C.    @Cyssus

190/188 B.C.      @Magnesia Armenians & Romans defeat Seleucid Antiochus

189 B.C.    Romanns conquer Lycia, Asia Minor

189 B.C.    Armenians revolt from Seleucids with Rome's blessing

188 B.C.    @Sipyluminlydia Romens defeat Seleucids

184 B.C.    Philip V of Macedon invades Balkans

183 B.C.    Philip V of Macedon invades Balkans

181 B.C.    Philip V of Macedon invades Balkans

179-167 B.C.      Romans fight Macedonians

179 B.C.    Lusitanians fight Romans

171-167 B.C.      Third Macedonian War 100K Romans vs 45K Perseus of Macedon

171-168 B.C.      Antiochus Epiphanes fights Ptolemies

170 B.C.    @Pelusiam Seleucids defeat Ptolemies

169-168 B.C.      Antiochus IV Epiphanes invades Egypt

168 B.C.    @Pydna Romans defeat Perseus the Macedonian

168 B.C.    Romans conquer Illyria & Albania

6/22/168 B.C.     @Pydna Romans defeats Macedonians                      20

167-141 B.C.      Maccabean Revolt of the Jews against Seleucids           143.9

167-164 B.C.      80K Jews killed for not worshipping idol @Jerusalem (included )

~167-141 B.C.     Maccabeans fight Idumaeans                              40

c.165 B.C.  Pertians Phraates I conquers the Mardian in the Elburz Mountains

165 B.C.    Two Armenian kingdoms fight each other

164 B.C.    Judas Maccabaeus sacks Jazer in 1 Macc 5:7-8

161/160 B.C.      Demetrius I Sorer puts down revolt inMedia and Babylonia

160 B.C.    Yue Chi drive Sakas (Se) out of west China

2-4/154 B.C.      Rebellion of Seven Kingdoms in China

154/153-151 B.C. Lusitanians under Viriathus rebel 6K+9K+7K Romans died   22

154 B.C.    Romans capture Nice, France

150 B.C.    Carthage is in a local War

150/149-148 BC   Fourth Macedonian War against Andriscus the Macedonian

150/149-146 BC Third Punic War 50K enslaved                         450

146 B.C.    Ptolemies capture Antioch (Seleucia)

146 B.C.    Carthage razed

146 B.C.    Achean League revolts. Mummius the Roman razes Corinth and enslaves Corinthians

145 B.C.    Greek King Eucratides and Bactriana conquered. Romans destroy Corinth

143 B.C.    Celtiberians revolt in Spain

143 B.C.    Romans capture Ivrea, Italy

141-139 B.C.      Mithridates captues Seleucid Demetrius II Mikator

140-130 B.C.      Sakas invade West India

140 B.C.    Seleucid Demetrius II Nicator fights Parthians but was captured

138-135 B.C.      Southeast Conquests of China

138 B.C.    Romans put down Lusitanian uprising

137 B.C.    John Hyrcanus & Hudas repel Syrian Cendebeus

136/5-132/1 B.C. First Servile War in Sicily

135-119 B.C.      Han Chinese defeat the Hsiung-Nu

135-115 B.C.      Sparta conquers Messenia

135-132 B.C.      70K slaves revolt againsts Rome

133 B.C.    Roman Scipio Aemilianus destroys Numatia in Lusitanian War

133 B.C.    Isle of Samos, Greece revolts from Rome

130 B.C.    Chinese Southwest conquests

130 B.C.    Seleucid Antiochus VII Sidetes attakcks Parthian Phraates II

130 B.C.    Parthians,Scythians,Sakas (Kushan) and Tochari (=Tukharians = Yueh-Chih) overrun Bactria and Scythia

129 B.C.    Antiochus loses all of the Seleucid Empire except Syria to the Parthians

128/127 B.C.      Scythians, Sakas, and Tochari defeat and kill Parthian Phraates II in battle

128 B.C.    Chinese Nourtheast conquests

128 B.C.    Romans crush revolt in Asia

128 B.C.    John Hyrcanus captures Shechem

126 B.C.    Tyre successfully revolts from Parthians

125-121 B.C.      Narbonese Gaul conquered

124-123 B.C.      Chinese campaign against the Hsiung-Nu

124 B.C.    Scythians kill Parthian king

c.123 B.C.  Parthian Mithridates II defeats the Scythians

121-119 B.C.      Chinese drive the Hsiung-Nu north to the Gobi Desert

121 B.C.    Romans pacify Balearics

119 B.C.    Metellus and Cotta advance in Dalmatia

Spr/119 B.C.      Chinese defeat the Hsiung-Nu

118 B.C.    Chinese conquer Xinjiang

115 B.C.    Roman Gaius Marius defeats Spanish brigands

114 B.C.    Scordisci defeat a Roman army in Thrace

113 B.C.    @Noreia Cimbri and Teutones defeat Roman Carbo

112 B.C.    @Cirta Numidian Jugurtha massacres Italians

112-111 B.C.      Han Chinese conquer Nan Yueh in Kwangsi

112-110 B.C.      Han Chinese in Central Asia

111-105 B.C.      Rome vs. Jugurtha of Numidia

111-106 B.C.      Chinese Expansion. Chinese conquer Nam Viet

Late 110 B.C.      Numidian Jugurtha defeats Roman Aulus

110 B.C.    Mithridates conquers Bosporan Kingdom

110 B.C.    @Fujian Chinese defeat Min-Yueh

109-105 B.C.      Cimbri & Teutones defeat 5 Roman armies

108 B.C.    China occupies Choson (Ch’ao Hsien) in Korea

108 B.C.    Cimbri invade Gaul

108 B.C.    @Vaga a Roman garrison is massacred

108 B.C.    Chinese Han Emperor Wudi conquers Korea

107-106 B.C.      Roman Gaiu sMarius defeats and captures Jugartha

107 B.C.    Ptolemy invades northern Syria from Cyprus

10/6/105 B.C.     @Arausio (Orange, Fr.) Cimbri & Teutones defeat two armies of arguing Romans Caepio & Manlius

104- B.C.   Cimbri & Teutones raid Spain

104/102-99 BC    Second Servile War in Sicily

103 B.C.    @Scirthaea in the Second Servile War 20K slaves killed          20

102 B.C.    Romans fight pirates in south Asia Minor

102 B.C.    @Aquae Sextae, Gaul Roman Marius annihilate Teutons est. 100,200K 100K

101 B.C.    @Vercellae, N.Italy Roman Marius annihilates Cimbri

100 B.C.    Romans fight pirates in south Asia Minor

7/12/100 B.C.     Gaius Julius Caesar born in Rome

100/96 B.C. Alexander Jannaeus destroys Gaza

96 B.C.      Seleucus VI Epiphanes defeasts Antiochus IV Cyzicenus

~94 B.C.    Armenian Tigranes II (the Great) defeats Armenian Artanes

94-83 B.C.  Armenian Tigranes II conquers parts of Parthia

91/90-89/88 B.C. Roman Civil War (Marsic or Social War)

6/11/90 B.C.      @Tolenus in the Social War Romans Scaton and Rutilius fight           8

89 B.C.      Sulla captures Aeclanum, in Samnium Italy

88 B.C.      Mithridates massacres claimed 80K Romans in Anatolia     40

88-84 B.C.  First Mithradic War: Mithridates forced out of Greece

88 B.C.      Ptolemy X plunders Alexander the Great's Temple in Alexandria

88 B.C.      Romans sack Athens and crush revolt in Samos

88-82 B.C.  Roman Civil War

86 B.C.      @Chaeronea Romans defeat Mithridates

86 B.C.      Roman general Sulla sacks Athens for supporting Mithridates

85 B.C.      Egyptians revolt, Romans sack Thebes

84 B.C.      Pompey (3 legions) destroys Marian Party

83-81 B.C.  Second Mithradic War

80-72 B.C.  Marian Quintus Sertorius rebels in Spain

87-76 B.C.  Romans raid Iazyges north of Danube

86 B.C.      Romans capture Athens

82-72 B.C.  Hindus persecute Buddhists in India

76 B.C.      Alexander Jannaeus killed beseiging Greek city

76 B.C.      Julius Caesar kills pirates who earlier captured him

76-71 B.C.  Pompey destroys Marian Party in Spain

75 B.C.      Roman C. Scribonius Curio defeats the Moesians on the Danube.

74-61 B.C.  Third Mithradic War

74 B.C.      Romans fight pirates in south Asia Minor

74 BC.       Romans take Cyrene peacefully

73-71 B.C.  Spartacus & 70 slaves revolt. 8 legions put it down. 6K slaves crucified       8

73 B.C.      Simuka overthrows Susarman in Magadha, India

73 B.C.      @Cyzicus II

71 B.C.      Romans capture Samsun, Anatolia

69 B.C.      Romans fight pirates in south Asia Minor

69 B.C.      Romans conquer Armenia; Lucullus captures Tigranoceta

69 B.C.      @Cremona

68 B.C.      Julius Vindex rebels in Gaul

67 B.C.      @Zela I Mithridates annihilates a Roman Legion                   7

67-63 B.C.  Jewish Civil War ended by Pompey

Jewish revolt led by Egyptian                        15

66 B.C.      Roman Pompus Magnus reaches Artaxata

66 B.C.      Roman Pompey defeats Mithridates VI

64 B.C.      Pompey conquers Phoenicia

63 B.C.      Civil war overthrow tyrant Aristobulus

61 B.C.      Ariovastar defeats Aedui

58 B.C.      Julius Caesar governs Gaul; defeats Orgetorix & 300K Helvetians 258

58 B.C.      Romans capture Zurich, Switzerland

58 B.C.      @Plain of Alsace Caesar defeats Ariovistus, king of the Aedui.  80

58-52/51 B.C.     Julius Caesar conquers Gaul 58 B.C. @Vesantu

57 B.C.      Caesar defeats Nervii of Belgium

57 B.C.      @Octadurus (Martigny) Romans defeat Helvetii

57 B.C.      Parthians & Malava clans of India destroy Sakas

57 B.C.      @Ponterat

55 B.C.      Caesar devastates Germany for 18 days

55 B.C.      10K+Julius Caesar invade Britain for 3 weeks

54 B.C.      Caesar invades Britain for 10 weeks, fights Cassivelaunus 180

54 B.C.      Ambriorix the Gaul massacres Roman army of Sabinus and Cotta

54 B.C.      Romans and Meroe fight in Lower Nubia

54 B.C.      M. Licinius Crassus attacks Parthia but loses

53 B.C.      @Cologne site J. Caesar defeats Eburones. 2nd invasion of Germany

53-51 B.C.  Caesar defeats Senones

53-51 B.C.  @Carrhae Parthians defeat and kill Crassus of Rome

52 B.C.      @Alesia Caesar+ 60K defeat Vercingetorix + 180K and sacks Orleans, France

62-52 B.C.  In 10 years, Caesar captured 800 towns, 300 tribes, 3 million ene-

mies, killed 1 million, & took a million POWs according to Plutarch

52 B.C.      Caesar burns Ganabum (Orleans)

51 B.C.      Pacorus the Parthian ravages Syria

50 B.C.      Getae sack and destroy Turys near Dniester

c.50 B.C.   Timna, capital of Qataban in Yemen destroyed

52 BC.       Julius Caesar burns Orleans

50-44 B.C.  War of the First Triumvirate

8/9/48 B.C. @Pharsalus Caesar +21K + 1K cavalry defeat Pompey + 38K + 7K cavalry      0 5-10K-15K

49-29 B.C.  Roman Civil War Julius defeats Pompey

47 B.C.      @Zela, Pontus Caesar defeats Pharnaces. easy: Veni, Vedii, Vici

47 B.C.      @Nile River Mithradates II, helping the Romans defeats Alexandrians

46 B.C.      Caesar crushes 10th Legion mutiny

46 B.C.      @Thapsus, north Africa, Caesar defeats Pompeian remnants

45 B.C.      @Munda, Spain Caesar defeats the sons of Pompey

43 B.C.      @Mursium Octavian defeats Mark Antony

43-31 B.C.  War of the Second Triumvirate 2.3K Romans killed in purge     2.3

43 B.C.      Second Roman Triumvirate                                 0.5

42 B.C.      @Philippi Roman Civil battle

42 B.C.      Pompey the Younger conquers Sicily

40 B.C.      Parthians invade Judea and cut off ears of John Hyrcanus II

40-6/9/38 B.C.    Parthians plus Romans of Brutus & Cassius fight Mark Antony, attack Syria & Anatolia

37 B.C.      Tongmyong unifies Tungusic tribes to form Koguryo in Korea

36 B.C.      Mark Antony invades Atropatene in Parthia; tries to take Phraaspa            10

36 B.C.      Lepidus tries to revolt from Octavian in Sicily

35-33 B.C.  Romans defeat Illytians

34 B.C.      Mark Antony conquers Armenia, treacherously capturing King ARtavasdes

34 B.C.      @Crimissue River                                           10

32 B.C.      Tiridates II revolts from Parthian Phraates

31 B.C.      @Actium Octavian's 400 ships defeat M.Antony&Cleo's 500 ships             5

30 B.C.      Octavian captures Alexandria

30 B.C.      Roman prefect Cornelius Gallus sacks Thebes after it revolts

29 B.C.      Romans defeat Bastarnae

c.29 B.C.   Roman M. Licinius Crassus conquers Moesians

27 B.C.      Cornelius Gallus sacks Theor??

27 B.C.      Andhra Dynasty begins in India

26 B.C.      Augustus marches to Ctesiphon

25 B.C.      Romans defeat Salassi in Italy

25 B.C.      Amyntas dies fighting Pisidian hill tribes

25 B.C.      Augustus fails to conquer Arabia

24/23 B.C.  Meroites sack Syene

24/23 B.C.  Roman Petronius Arbiter sacks Kawa, Sudan

22-20 B.C. Roman wars in Spain

21 B.C.      @Vindalius Romans defeat Gauls

20 B.C.      Tiberius of Rome fights Armenians

19 B.C.      Augustus finishes conquering NW Spain

15 B.C.      Romans Tiberias & Drusus invade Austria (Rhaetia) and Switz. (Vindelicia)

14-9 B.C.   Pannonia conquered

13 B.C.      Romans Tiberius and Nero Claudis Drusus conquer the Raeti

12 B.C.      Drusus' Roman fleet subjugates Frisians,Saxons

12-9 B.C.   Tiberius of Rome defeats Pannonians

12 B.C.      German Sugambi cross into Gaul, defeated by the Romans

12 B.C.      Roman Drusus defeats the Frisii, Chauci, Island of Burchanis, Bructeri.

11 B.C.      Drusus defeats the Usipetes and Sugambri, Cherusci.

12-10 B.C.  Tiberius defeats the Pannonians

12-2 B.C.   P. Sulpicius Quirinius puts down rebels in Pisidian mountains

10 B.C.      Roman Drusus fought again, but did not gain anything

9 B.C.       Roman Drusus defeats the Chatti, Suebi, Marcomanni, cherusci.

9 B.C.       Maroboduus leads Marcomanni to Bohemia

8 B.C.       Tiberius campaigns in Germany

7 B.C.       Tiberius campaigns in Germany but gains nothing

6 B.C.-9 AD.      Romans slowly conquer Bosnia Herzegovinia

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Jesus Christ died ~33 A.D.

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4 B.C.       @Jerusalem Archelaus slaughters Jews                     3

3 B.C.       Romans crucify Jews                                       2

1 A.D.      Gaelics displace Builg (Belgae?) in Ireland

@Pannonia, Dalmatia Tiberius quells revolts

4 AD. Tiberius campaigns In Germany

5 AD. Tiberius attacks the confederacy of Maroboduus the Marcommani.

6 AD. Pannonia & Dalmatia revolt

6 AD. A Theudus tries to revolt when Herod Archelaus deposed

6/7 AD.     Judas of Galilee & Zealots revolt during Quirinius' 2nd Census

9-11 AD.   Tiberius and Germanicus march into Germany for revenge on the Germans

9 AD. @Teutoberg Wald, Arminius' Cherusci kill Romans & Varus                    14

9 AD. Wang Mang seizes Chinese throne

11 AD.      Germanicus defeatsGermans in western Germany and the Rhine

~12 AD.     Local uprising in China

14 A.D.     Roman legions on the Rhine revolt

15 A.D.     Romans capture Arminius’ wife Thusnelda

16 AD.      @Iclistavisus (Wester River) Romans defeat Germans

17-21 Cherusci fight among themselves and Marcomanni

17-23 A.D. Large bands of thieves & soldiers to fight in China

17-24 A.D. Berber guerilla war against Rome in Numidia and Mauretania

18 AD.      Rome conquers Cappadocia

21 AD.      Aedui of Gaul try to revolt fromTiberius of Rome

Oct/23 AD. Red Eyebrow Rebellion: Han Chinese defeat Wang Mang of Hsin

25-36 Kuang-wu-ti defeats rivals

25-57 Liu Hsiu "scoured and washed away" disturbances

27 AD.      Chinese use Barbarian cavalry to crush revolt

28 B.C.      @Baduhennawood revolting Frisians defeat a Roman army and stay free for 20 years

35-42 A.D. City of Seleucia revolts from Parthia. Vardanes conquered it

~37 AD.     Herod Antipas defeats Nabataean Aretas

39-49 Trung sisters' rebellion against Chinese in Vietnam

40    Kushan Dynastry begins in India

40    Second revolt against Rome in Mauretania

42    Ma Yuan crushes uprising in Tonkin

43    Chinese reconquer Vietnam

43-51 Aulus Plautius & Romans invade Britain

43    Romans take Kent

44    Romans take Maiden Castle, England

44    Rome conquers Mauretania and Serbia (Pannonia))

Revolts in Pannonia, Germany, Gaul

44    Theudas the imposter revolts against Romans in Palestine

46    Pliny the Elder on campaign in Germany

47-77       Silures resist Romans in Britain

47/49 Vardanes controls Babylon until his assassination

50-75 Kushan conquer Suren kingdom in India

51    Parthian pretender Meherdates defeated and killed by Parthians

50-323      10 Early Christian Persecutions                      50

54    Ben Stada the Egyptian leads rebel Jews (Acts 21:38)    0.4

58    @Artaxata

59    @Tigranoceta Romans defeat Aermian King Tiridates I

60/61 Queen Boudicca of Britain leads rebellion                          80

66    King Daru of Baekje captures a fortress from Silla in Korea

66-70 Jewish Revolt from Rome

66-71 First part of Jewish Revolt

68    Batavians, aided by Frisians, rebel against Nero

69    Roxolani invade Moesia

69    Roxollani invade Moesia & decimate Legion III Gallica

69-70 Septimus Severus defeats rivals

69-70 Vespasian crushes Batavian revolt under Julius Civilis

71-73 Jews killed in Jewish revolt                                1337.49

72    Rome captures Samsat, Anatolia

72/73 @Masada Jewish rebels die                          1

73    Alans plunder Media & Armenia, try to invade Parthia

74-94 A.D. Chinese conquer Turkestan

77    Romans conquer all of Britain

78    Romans conquer Ordovices in mid-Wales

c.80/90 A.D.      Future emperor Domitions defeats the Chatti

c.80/90 A.D.      Qdi, Sarmatians, and Marcomanni defeat Domitian

84    @Mons Graupius Romans defeat Scots

85-88/89    Dacians best the Romans

89 A.D.     The Hsiung-Nu submit to China

88/89 A.D. Romans in Germany under Antonio Saturninus try to revolt

90 A.D.     Decebalus defeats the Roman emperor Decius

92 A.D.     Sarmatians destroy Roman Legion XXI in Panonia

94    Chinese in Central Asia

10/27/97    Praetorian guard tries to mutiny under Nerva

101-102     1st Dacian War: Trajan defeats King Decebalus +Bastarnae+Roxolani >4K Roman 8

105/106     Trajan conquers Petrea in Arabia

105-106     2nd Dacian War: Decebalus of Dacia tries to revolt

106   Trajan captures the Dacian capital of Sarmizegethusa

106   Chinese lose Tarim Basin

107   Roman campaign against Armenians and Parthians

108   Chinese Wu-ti conquers Korea

113-117     The Eastern War: Romans conquers Assyria and Armenia to attack Parthia

115   Jews revolt in Cyrene, N.Africa, Palestine, Egypt

116   Cyrene ~100K pop. rebels against Rome

115-117     Romans conquer Mesopotamia defeating Osroes of Parthia.

115/116     Trajan burns Seleucus on the Tigris ~600K pop

Romans might have won, except that Trajan got sick and died c. Aug. 8 117.

115   Britons rebel against Romans Eboracum sacked

117   Roxolani and Romans fight

123   Alans try to invade Anatolia

132-135     Jew Simon bar-Kochba rebels

133   The Alan people are defeated while invading Media

139   Bucolic revolt in Egypt

142   Romans conquer southern Scotland

150-230     Goths move from Sweden to Ukraine

159   @La Mojarra Olmec Harvest Mtn Lord stops coup by bro'-in-law

161   Parthian Vologaeses III invades Syria and Cappadocia

163   Roman Priscus sacks Artaxata, Armenia

164   Avidius Cassus destroys Seleucus on Tigris

165   Rome conquers Ctesiphon and Dura-Europa

166-167-180      Germans attack Austria

168-170     Civil War in China

170   Vandals enter into Romania

180   @Vienna Germans fight Romans; Marcus Aurelius dies

184-215     "5 Peck Rice" Taoist Yellow Turban Revolt in China

192   Chams rebel in S. Vietnam

194   Septimus Severus defeats Syrian governor Gaius Pescennius Niger

Many of Niger’s defeated troops flee to the Parthians

196   @Lugdunum Clodius Albinus defeated

197   Scottish tribes destroy Hadrian’s wall

197   @Lyons Septimus Severus kills pretender Decimus Clodius Albinus

198   Khazars and Basileens try to invade Armenia

198   Septimus Seveus captures Seleucia and Babylon, and sacks Ctesiphon

208-  Septimus Severus defends Britain from revolt

208   Ardashir defeats and kills Shapur in Persia

209   Scots fight Romans

213-259     Alemanni fight Roman Caracella

215   Han crush rebellion is Szechuan

215   Roman Caracalla massacres many in Alexandria

216   Caracella captures King Vagarshak of Armenia in battle

6/7/218     @Imma Syrians rebel from Rome and win

220-221     Wei and Shu Dynasties in China

220   Goths invade Asia Minor

222-280     War in China Shu vs. Wu Dynasty

224-252     Parthian Shapur I conquers Armenia

224   @Hormizdagaz Sassaanian Ardashir I defeats Artabamus; killed

226   @Hormuz Persian Ardashir I overthrows Parthians

232   Romans try to invade Persia

236   Tiridates frees Armenia from Persians

236-238     Romans defeat Iazyges (Sarmatian tribe)

244   Parthians defeat Romans

248   Lin-yi pillage northern neighbors in China

248-250     Iazyges (Sarmatian tribe) raid Dacia

250-2997   Blemmyes (=Beja) from Eastern Desert attack Roman Egypt

250   Goths capture Olbia and invade Moesia

250-251 A.D.     Emperor Decius orders empire-wide persecution of Christians

June/251    Ostrogoths kill Roman Emperor Decius in battle

254   Iazyges (Sarmatian tribe) raid Parthia

257   Aemilius, prefect of Egypt proclaims himself Emperor. General Theodotus defeats him

257-264     Goths begin raiding east Roman Empire.

4/24-25/260       Postumus defeats Juthungian Germans

260-269     Postumus sets up his own empire in NW Europe

260   Burgundians occupy Main valley

260   Sassanian Persians sack Antioch & capture Valerian

260-263     Odenathus of Palmyra defeats Persians

266-320     Axum invades Meroe, Sudan

268   Goths conquer Dacians

268   Goths sack Athens, Corinth, and Sparta

269   Postumus killed by his own troops

269-270     Claudius defeats Alemannin and Ostrogoths

270-275     Aurelian defeats Gallic confederacy

272   Aurelian defeats Queen Zenobia of Palmyra

281-282     Saxons raid NE Gaul

283   Roman Emperor Carus killed in battle by troops

283-296     Parthians fight with Rome and themselves

287   Revolt by Carausius and Romans in Britain

290-313     8 Roman expeditions to defeat Sarmatians

292   Coptos and other Egyptian cities destroyed after trying to revolt from Diocletian

296   Roman Constantius Chlorus fights Picts in Scotland

296   Persians defeat the Romans

296   Scottish tribes destroy Hadrian’s wall

297   Romans destroy Persian army

297-305     Blemmyes enter north Nubia

304-316/317       The Hsiung-Nu invade China

305   Power struggle among Romans

306   Constantius Chlorus fights Picts

310   Constantine the Great defeats Franks

311   Loyang, China sacked

312   Battle of Milvan Bridge

10/8/315-7/323/324 Constantine & 50K defeats Licinius & 50K        23

315-320     Chandragupta I founds Gupta Dynasty in India

316   Tatars sack Chang-an, Tsin China

322   Constantine defeats Visigoths

325-375     Axum invades Meroe, Sudan again

326   Constantius I dies fighting Picts

~335  Ethiopia conquers Axum

337   Sassanians besiege Nisibis

337   Constantius II defeats Germans & Sarmatians

338   Romans and Persians fight

8/10/350/353      @Mursa Constantius defeats Magnentius.Constantinus lost 30K vs. lost 24K

356-359     Roman Julian drives back Alemanni & Franks

357   @Strasborg Alemanni defeated

357   Constantinus II defeats Germans & Sarmatians

359   Roman-Persian Wars (Shapur II of Persia)                       160

Persians capture Jerusalem 50K Jews died                  50

~4th Century       Axum (Ethiopia) and Meroe (Sudan) fight

360-433     Huns attack Europe

362   Goths capture Bosporan Kingdom

363   Persians take Nisibis and Mesopotamia from Julian + 65K Romans & Khazars

Fall/365     Revolt of Eastern part of Roman Empire

366   Alaric the Visigoth takes Ephesus

367-369     Athanaric tries in vain to attak the Roman Emperor Valens

367-369     Scottish tribes destroy Hadrian’s wall by a land/sea attack

369   Japanese try to invade Korea

370-375     Huns overrun Alans and Ostrogoths in Ukraine

376   Huns completely the Athanaric the Visigoth

~371-378   Aksum (Ethiopia) conquers Yemen

377   Goths invade Pannonia

378   @Adrianople II Visigoth Fridigern revolts & kills Roman Valens 10-15, or 20

383   Roman Magnus Maximus defeats & kills Roman Gratian

387   Antioch rebels

387/388     Theodosius captures Magnus Maximus

390   Byzantines crush Thessalonian rebellion              7

391   Japanese invade Silla, Korea, help Paekche

394-395     Campaign against Eugenius

395-397     Alaric the Visigoth invades Greece

400-440     Trier sacked 4 times

402-403     Visogoths invade Italy; Stilicho the Vandal defeats them

405   Stilicho the Vandal defeats Marcomanni, Quadi, Asding Vandals

405   Goths capture Cortona, Italy

406   @Fiesole Stilichus defeats Vandals, Suevii, & Burgundians

12/31/406  Marcom., Quadi, Asding &Siliing Vandals, some Alans in France

407   Constantine II controls Arles

409   Britain rebels

409   Vandals, Alans, & Suevi invade Iberia

409-413     Rebellion in Gaul

410   Bacaudae control Gaul

8/24/410    Visigoths under Alaric sack Rome

412   Visigoth Ataulf leaves Italy and defeats Honorius’ usurpers

414   Constantius III drives Visigoths out of France. Visigoths conquer Iberia from Vandals-Alans, & Suevi

415   Visigoth Ataulf assassinated by a groom

421/422     Vandals defeat Romans

421-422     Perso-Byzantine War after Narseh severely persecutes Christians

424   Aetius + 60K Roman mercenaries (mainly Huns) defeat Ioannes

425-250     Nobades & Blemmyes attack Egypt

428   Gaiseric & 80K Vandals occupy N. Africa

430   Vandals besiege Hippo

~430-453   Huns on the march

432   Huns invade Hungary

435   Romans plus Huns defeat Burgundians

436   Alemanni and Huns against Burgundians

439   @Toulouse Litorius' Hun mercenaries annihilated

439   Persians attack the Byzantines

440-465     White Huns finally overrun India

440   Gaiseric the Vandal conquers Sicily

442   Rome defeats Sasanid Yazdegerd II

443   Burgundians invade later Burgundy

443-534     Franks slowly conquer Burgundians

446   Confucianists persecute Buddhists in China

449   Armenians and Georgians revolt from Persian persecution

449   Jutes under Hengest and Horsa conquer Kent

450   Huns sack Milan

451   Armenian Vardan II mamikonian declares Holy War against Persia

451   Huns try to take Paris

9/20/451    @Chalons Aertius+Romans+Visigoths defeat Huns    62.5

453   Huns finally fall

453-500     King Silko of Nubian Nobades drives out Blemmyes

455   Vandals under Gaiseric sack Rome

456   Franks conquer Cologne

460   White Huns defeat Kushans of Afghanistan

461   Avars conquer Uighurs

461-496     Avars fighting

469-478     Visigoths conquer Spain

470   Goths and Alans capture Catalonia

472   Visigoths defeat Iazyges (Sarmatian tribe)

473   Visigoths capture Tours

476   Odoacer the Ostrogoth enters Italy

480   White Huns destroy Guptas in India

481   Visigoths take Prevencal coast from Burgundians

481-484     Armenians revolt from Persia

484   Arians persecute Christians in Tipasa, Algeria

484   Hephthalites attack Persia

484   White Huns kill Sassanian Emperor Peroz

486   Clovis the Frank conquers Soissons

487   Odoacer annihilates Rugians

488-489     Theodoric & Ostrogoths enter Italy

493   Odoacer overthrown by Theodoric the Goth

496   Clovis I & Franks defeat Allemani axes vs. spears & arrows

500-600     Chanla conquers Funan in SE Asia

503   @Mt. Badon Britons under Arthur defeat Saxons

505   Langobards defeat Herulians

507   @Vouillé Clovis defeats Visigoths

507/508     Franks under Clovis capture Tours

508   Goths defeat Heruli

523   Frank Chlotar I fights Burgundians

523   Kavadh massacres Mazkak's partisans in Persia

524   Toba Wei defeated by non-Chinese frontier soldiers

524-531     Romans & Persians ending in 'Eternal Peace'

525   Christian Ethiopians flee Ethiopian-Jewish persecution, to Yemen

525   Ethiopia defeats Yemen

527-568     Justinian persecutes the Monophysite Copts in Egypt

529   Lakhmid al-Mundhir III retakes Al-hirah from Kindahs

530   Belisarius & Romans defeat Syrians           8

531   Saxons and Frank Chlotar I destroy Thuringians

532   Frank Chlotar I fights Visigoths

532   Silla subjugates E Kaya, Korea

532   Nika riot in Hippodrome, Constantinople 1/2 city burned

532   Belisarius the Byzantine kills 30K rebels             30

533-534     @North Africa Belisarius the Byzantine destroys Vandals

533   @Oberstein in Germany

535   Belisarius the Byzantine conquers Sicily

535/539-553       Milan destroyed

536   Belisarius the Byzantine captures Naples, Italy

540   Belisarius destroys Vandals

540-562     War between Byzantines and Persians

540   Persians sack Antioch

542   Frank Chlotar I attacks Visigoths

543   Ly family revolt in Vietnam

543-548     Belisarius fights Ostrogoths

546   Ostrogoph Totila captures Rome

547-551     Battles between Gepidae and Langobards

549-561     Persians fight Byzantines, Armenians, and Georgians

550   Chitrasena & Bhavavarman of Chenla conquer Funan

552   Paekche menaced in Korea; appeal to Japan

552-553     Byzantines destroy Ostrogoths

553   @Mt. Vesuvius Osotrogoths almost annihilated

554   Byzantines conquer S & SE Spain

555   Last Ostrogotth fortress fell

555   Franks repress Saxon rebellion

556   Axe war: Caracol (pop 179K) vs. Tikal Mayans (pop. 450K)

557   Narses the Byzantine represses Heruli revolt

558-562     Belisarius fights Bulgars

562   Tikal Mayan reprisal for axe war

562   Japanese driven out of Korea

562   Silla subjugates W Kaya, Korea

563   Avars take Eastern Thuringia from the Franks

565   Turks defeat White Huns in India

566   Gepidae defeat Langobards

568-572     Langobards and Lombards conquer N.Italy & Rome

568   @Wibbandune Ceawlin defeats Aethelbert of Kent

569   Lombards capture Milan

570   Abyssinians conquer Yemen (Southern Arabia)

570   Abyssinians attack Mecca; withdraw with smallpox

570   Persians occupy Yemen (Southern Arabia)

c.570/590   Fijar Wars between the Quraysh+allies and other Arabs

572-591     Byzantines and Persians fight

573   Turks invade the Caucasus (Khazars enter Russia)

574-577     Confucianists persecute Buddhists in China

575   Persians defeat Ethiopians in South Arabia

575   Visigoths take most of Spain from the Romans

576   Lombards under Alboin defeat Gepidae

577   Emperor Wen conquers Szechuan

581   Avars recpature Belgrade from Romans

584   Visigoths in Spain conquer the Suevi kingdom

587   @Shigisen, Honshu Soga family keeps Japan

588-589     Sui Emperor Wen conquers part of China

588   Persian general Bahram defeats Turks

589   Romans defeat Persians

589   Revolt against Hormizd II in Persia

589   Sui Dynasty captures Chien Kang

589   Arabs,Khazars,Turks invade Persia in vain

589   Wen-Ti conquers Ch'en and reunites China

590   Romans regain much of the lnad lost to Lombards

591   Romans help Chosroes II regain the Persian throne

592   Austrasia-Burgundy attacks Chlotar II of Neustria

595   Sui reconquer Tongking

596   Neustria takes some of Austrasia

598   Slavs and Avars severely raid Bosnia

599/600     Neustria loses itis conquests in Austrasia

601   @Viminacium Byzantines defeat Avars                      20

602   Byzantine Army Civil War Phocas new Emperor

603   A@Daegsastan Aethelfrith of Northumbria idan & Dalriad Scots

607-610     Byzantine Civil War; Heraclius defeats Phocas

610-611     Heraclius assumes power and stops the revolt

611-613     Sassanian Khusrau captures Antioch

612   Visigoths in Spain take some of the Byzantine land

613   Pepin the Elder & Arnulf overthrow Brunhild of Austrasia

613-641     Persian-Byzantine Wars

614   @Chester Aethelfrith of Northumbria defeats the Welsh

Massacred the monks were gathered to aid the Welsh by prayer

613/614     Sassanian Persians take Damascus

June 614 /615A.D.       Sassanian Khusrau takes Jerusalem 35K enslaved 66.509

615   Sassanians besiege Constantinople

616   Chosroes II of Persia captures Alexandria

616   @Chester 1,200 Monks massacred from Bangor, Wales    1.2

617   Pre-Islamic battle of Bu’ath between rival clans of Medina

617   @Idle River Reswald of E. Anglia kills Northu. Oswaldo (Aethelfrith)

619-628     Sassanian Chosroes II capture Alexandria and Egypt

~620  Abrah's army outside of Mecca

622-627     Heraclius holds off Persians and Avars and recaptures Anatolia in 623 A.D.

623-627     Heraclius retakes Cilicia, Armenia, Caucasian Albania, and Azerbaijan

628   Haraclius stops an Avar attack on Constantinople

12/627      @Ninevah Heraclius the Byzantine + Khazars defeat Persians

Spr/628     Heraclius takes holy Persian city of Dastagird/Dastgird and sacks Khusraw’s palace

622-632     First phase of Muslim conquests

623   Byz. Heraclius captures Dwin and Nakhicheran, Armenia

624   @Uhud the Meccans defeated the Muslims

625   Persians fail to take Constantinople

626   Avars and Persians besiege Constantinople

626   Byzantines drive Persians from Egypt

626   Muslims conquer Syria

627   Muslims defeat Djuna tribe

8/628 @Khaibar Muslims massacre Jews

629   Byzantines defeat Muslim army

630   Mohammed recaptures Mecca

630   ‘Algamah bin Mujazziz leads a disastrous naval expedition to Ethiopia

630-670     Tibetans fight Tu u hun

632-641     Second Phase of Muslim Conquests

632   @Hatfield, England King Edwin defeated

632   Frank Dagobert I conquers Aquitaine,Burgundy

633   @Heathfield Mercians defeat Edwin & Northumbrians in England

634   Osric of Bernicia dies in battle

634-642     Muslims conquer Persia

635   Oswald has a vision of St. Columba of victory in battle

635   Muslims capture Beirut & Damascus

635/636/7  @al-Qadissiyat 30 K Muslims decisively defeat 120K Persians           36

636/637 A.D.      @Marj al-Rum Muslims fight the Romans

636/637 A.D.      @Qinnasrin Muslims and Byzantines fight

637/638     Muslims conquer Jerusalem after bloody siege

637-640     8K Muslims capture al-Frama and Egypt

638   Muslims capture Antioch,Caesarea,Tripolis,Tyre

638   Armenian nobles overthrow Dawith Saharuni

639-642     15.5K Muslims conquer Egypt

640   Croats defeat Avars in Yugoslavia

640   ‘Muslim ‘Amr captures Alexandria -14 month siege (Byz. did not aid)

640   Muslims first raid in Armenia

641   Lombards with Rotui capture Genoa

641   Muslims conquer Cyrenaica

8/5/642     @Maserfield Oswald of Northumbria killed

642   Third Phase of Muslim Conquests: Persia

642   Muslims sack Dwin, Armenia

643   Armenian Theodor defeats Arabs

643   Muslims capture Tripoli, Libya

644   Byzantine Manuel tries to revolt from Muslims in Alexandria, Egypt

645   Byzantines recapture Alexandria

645   Chinese invade Koguryo, Korea

646   Greeks recapture Alexandria after ‘Amr relieved of command

646   Muslim ‘Amr recaptures Alexandria

647   Carthage proclaims independence; Arabs unwittingly help Byzantines

647   Muslims take Caesarea, Anatolia

647   Chinese invade Koguryo, Korea

648/649     Muslim fleet takes Cyprus (no fighting)                            0

~648-668   Tang Chinese conquer Korea

649-657     Tang Chinese defeat Turks

650   Tihuanaco Empire starts in Peru

652   Muslim fleet successfully defends Alexandria from Byzantines

652   Byzantines and Arabs fight in Sicily

654   Muslim fleet ravages Cos and Rhodes

651/652 or 655    @Alexandria Battle of Masts Muslim fleet defeats Byzantines

651/652 or 655    Muslim expedition against Ethiopia

655   Oswy of Northumbria defeats Penda of Mercia

656   Battle of the Camel (Jamal) ‘Ali defeats A’isha. Talhah and al-Zubayr are killed.    10

657/658     ‘Ali killed many Kharijites. Only 7 of ‘Ali’s companions killed.                   ~2

657-661     Civil Wars among Muslims

7/657 @Siffin Caliph Uthman killed

658   Nahrawan Ali kills most of Ibn Wahb's followers

660   Silla conquers Baekje in Korea

660-663     Chinese, Japanese, and Koreans fight in Korea

661-750     Fourth phase of Muslim conquests

661   Muslims defeat Khazars

661/662     Muslims fight the Kurds

661/662     Mu’awiyah fights the Khairjites

662   Constans and 20K Byzantines capture Benevento

663   Constans II sacks Lucera, in Apulia, Italy

665/666     Winter raid of ‘Abd al-Rahman bin Khalid bin Walid and Muslims on Byzantines

666/667     Mu’awiyah feared ‘Abd al-Rahman’s popularity, so Mu’awiyah had him poisoned

666/667     al-Khatim and Sahm bin Ghalid revolt from Mu’awiyah

668   Byzantines revolt; Constans assassinated

668   Korea unified as Silla

669/670     Winter raid of Muslims on Byzantines

670-679     Chinese stop Tibetans

670-678     Arabs besiege Constantinople; Greek fire holds them off

670/671     Winter raid of Muslims on Byzantines

671/672     Muslims raid the Byzantines

672/673     Muslims raid the Byzantines

673/674     Muslims raid the Byzantines

670   Samurah bin Jundah, the Muslim governor of Basrah, killed 47 Qur’an collectors

670   Muslims Qarib and Zuhhaf try to revolt against Mu’awiyah

670/671     Muslims raid the Byzantines

671   Muslims raid the Byzantines

671   Muslims conquer Quhistan

672   Muslims capture the island of Rhodes from the Byzantines

672/673     Muslims raid the Byzantines

673/674     Muslims raid the Byzantines

676   Athelred of Mercia invades Kent, captures Rochester

676   Koreans rebel against Chinese

676/677     Muslims raid the Byzantines

677/678     Muslims raid the Byzantines

677/678     Some Khairjite Muslims rebel.

678   Rebellian in Tikal, Yucatan

678/679     Muslim ‘Amr bin Murrah led the winter campaign against the Byzantines

679   @Trent, England Aetherlred of Mercia defeatsNorthumbria

679/680     Muslims fight the Turks, raid Sawriyah, Cyprus

679/680     Byzantines attack the Muslims

@Dagasta Northumbrians defeat Scots & Picts

10/10/680  Umayyad Yazid I & 4K men kill (Shiite) Husain/Hysayn ibn 'Ali

680-685     Meccans revolt against Yazid I

683   Failed revolt against Empress Wu in China

684 AD.     Kharijites revite and create a state in central Arabia

685   Khazars take Georgia from Muslims

685   Northumbrians try to invade Pictland

685   @Nechtansmere in Angus the Picts defeat the Angles

687   Ethiopia and Nubia fight

689   @Tetry Pepin the Younger unites Franks

689   Pepin of Herstal conquers Frisians

697-698     Muslims capture Carthage

700   Muslims capture Tunis; Christianity in north Africa greatly reduced

700/750     Teotihuacan falls in Mexico                           50

700-1056   Visigoth Christians vs. Moors in Spain

702   Ethiopians attack Arab ships in Red Sea; Arabs take Ethiopian ports

706   Chanla Kingdom split in two

707   Muslims capture Tangiers

100k Byzantines & Leo I in 1,113 ships lose to Vandals

709   Muslims capture Ceuta

710   Rebellion in Seville

711   @Guadalete Moors defeat Roderic & Visigoths

711-719     Moors defeat Visigothic kingdom of Spain

713   Moors capture Barcelona

715   Byzantine military revolt

716   Discord on the Steppe after Qapaghan Qaghan's death

8/15/717-8/15/18 Muslims besiege Constantinople

717   Toledo falls to Moors

718   @Covadonga Christians defeat Moors in Spain

718   Sicily tries to rebel from Byzantines

720-729     Khazars and Muslims fight in Armenia

722   Vietnamese revolt from Chinese

5/3/738     Mayan king Seventeen Rabbit captured and killed

725   Coptic Rebellion in Egypt

727   Cyclades try to rebel from Byzantines

727-~730   Byzantine Leo Iconoclast vs. Italians

730   The Scot Angus McFergus conquers Strathclyde & Dalriada

732   Abd-ar-Rahman defeats rebellious Berber Othman in Spain

732   Abd-ar-Rahman defeats Eudo, Duke of Aquitaine

732   Abd-ar-Rahman sacks monastery St. Hilaire

732   @Tours Charles Martel's 30K Frank infantry defeat

Abd ar-Rahman & 80K Muslims

737   @Norbonne Charles Martel + some Lombards defeat Moors

Charlemagne's Empire

739   Copts rebel again in Egypt

744   Uigurs conquer Mongolia and make new capital at Karakorum

747/747     ‘Abdallah bin Mu’awiyah leads a Shi’ite revolt (129 A.H.)

747-750     Abbasids destroy Umayyad Empire

747   Some Muslims revolt against Umayyads over Kharaj

748   Muslims sack Baalbek

750-945     Fifth phase of Muslim Conquests

~750  Central Teotihuacan, Mexico sacked

751   Aistulf the Lombard captures Ravenna

751   @Talas River Muslims defeat Chinese

755-763     An Lushan l+ 200K troops rebel in China

755-756     Franks help Pope & drive Lombards from Italy

756   @Alcluith Eadbert defeast British

759-760     Christians revolt in Lebanon

760-765     Chinese Guo Zi Yi stops Tangut and other rebellion

760-830     Another kingdom conquers Dos Pilas, Mexico

762-763 A.D.     Revolt of Muhammad the Pure Soul

763   Tibetans capture Chinese capital of Chang-an

763   Guo Zi Yi retakes Chang-an

768   Dos Pilas conquest in Yucatan

768-838     Dos Pilas fighting

~770 Karen and Mon defeat the Pyu of Burma

771-772     Armenian Mushegh Mamikonia tries to revolt

772-804     Charlemagne conquers Saxons

774-777     Charlemagne defeats Lombards and annexes Lombardy

774   Malay pirates raid Champa and Cambodia

777   Byzantines successfully campaign against Muslims

778   Franks capture Navarre

778   @Pass of Roncesvalles Basques & Navarreses defeat Franks

778   Charlemagne conquers Bavaria

778   @Roncesvalles, Pyrenees Moors + Basques defeat Franks

780   Byzantines successfully campaign against Muslims

781   Muslims defeat Mokanna, Muslim heretic

785-801     Charlemagne conquers Spain

785   Charlemagne captures Gerona, Spain

787   Malay pirates raid Champa and Cambodia

790   First Viking (mostly Dane) attack Britain

791   @Beiting Tibetans defeat Chinese + Uighurs

791/795-796/797  Charlemagne conquers Avars in Pannonia

793/795     Vikings burnLindsfarne & Iona monasteris in Britain

795   Moors recapture Gerona, Spain

798   Muslims take Balearic Islands

800   Norwegian Vikings first raid Ireland

800   Vikings invade Germany

801   Frank Charlemagne captures Barcelona

805   Frank Charlemagne defeats Avars

806   Franks capture Navarre

809-813 AD.      Muslim Civil War with Kharijites

810   Vikings raid Frisia (Low Countries)

811   Byzantines destroy Pannonian Bulgars; raze Pliska

7/26/811    Krum the Bulgar defeats Byzantines

812   @Kilarney Irish defeat Vikings

812   Franks capture Navarre

813   Krum the Bulgar besieges Constantinople

814   Krum the Bulgar again besieges Constantinople

814-815 AD.      Shi’ites rebelled at Kufa and Basra

814-838     Holy Roman Empire Wars

815-817     Tang Emperor Xianzong subdues Huaixi

816-837/838       Azerbaijani Muslim rebellion

820   Norwegians raid Ireland

822   Vikings raid Loire

822   Mayan cities of Copan and Tikal mysteriously deserted

823-826     Muslims conquer Crete

827   Saracens conquer Sicily

830   War between Louis and his sons

832   Nanchao of Yunnan sack the Pyu capital

833-843     Civil War in Germany under HRE Emperor Louis I

834   Picts defeat Scots

835   Vikings raid Europe en masse

836   Venice unsuccessfully attacked by Saracens

838   Muslims defeat Greeks    100

840's In Ireland war between Norwegian & Danish Vikings

840   Mazyar bin Qarain tries to revolt against Caliph al-Mu’tasim

6/25/841    Lothair I defeated by brothers

843   Tang Dynasty takes Lan-Chou

843-844     Danes defeat Aethelwulf of West Saxons

845   Vikings burn Hamburg, Germany

845/850     Confucianists persecute Buddhists in China

848   Muslims conquer Cyprus

850   Due to persecution in China, Zen Buddhism splits into 5 sects

850   Chola Vijayalaya capture Tanjore

850   Kenneth I of Scotland defeats Picts

850   @Mouth of Parret River, Aethelwulf defeats Danes

851   @Wigganburg Ceorl and Devonshire defeat Danes

851   @Sandwich Aethelstan of Kent defeats Danes

851   @AcleaAethelwulf and Aethelbald defeat Aclea

851   Danes raid Ireland

853   Aethelwulf conquers northern Welsh

854   Muslims conquer Rhodes

857   Norse & Irish together destroy the Gaille Gaedhel "sons of death"

860   Aethelbert defats Danes after they sacked Winchester

860   Danes sack Pisa, Luna Italy

860   200 Varangian long ships attack Consta.; Virgin's robe used

865   Ivar the Boneless, others, and Danes conquer East Anglia

866   Bulgars revolt against Christianity, Boris I killed

866-871     The Great Army (Danes) conquer York, rensme it Jorvik

867   Danes destroy monastery of Whitby in England

867   Danes conquer Northumbria

870   Muslims conquer Malta

871   Muslims capture Kabul, Afghanistan

871   @Merton Danes kill Anglo-Saxon Ethelred

871-878     Danes conquer all of England but Wessex

872/890     Harold I Fairhair unifies Norway

875   Danes invade Scotland

878   Alfred the Great defeats the Danes

879 A.D.    Canton, China is looted

880-904     Civil War in China Tang Dynasty ends

884   Count Ingelger + 6K fight at Auxerre

885   @Hafrsfjord Harold Fairhair defeats Western Norwegians

885   Norwegian Harold Fairhair takes Orkneys from Vikings

887   Arnulf revolts in Germany

891   Arnulf repulses Vikings from Germany

892   Alfred the Great of Wessex defeats Danes

894-896     Arnulf fights in Italy Guy of Spoleto 894

896   Arnulf the German captures Rome

899   Quarmatians revolt in Arabia

900   Saracens unsuccessfully attack Venice

906   Khuc Thua Du and Vietnamese rebel against Chinese

906   Magyars invade Germany

907   Varangian Oleg and 2,000 boats force terms on Constantinople

907-1123   Mongols take Inner Mongolia & north China

907-960     Civil War in China

908   @Belach Mugna, Kildare Leinster defeats Munster

914   Norse take Waterford, Ireland

914   Tomrain & Danes burn Clonmacuris

918-935     Goreyo gradually conquers Silla in Korea

918-943     Irish Murtogh attacks Danes in ireland, Hebrides & N. Scotland

920   Norse take Limerick, Ireland

923   Rudolf II defeats Lombard Berengar I

-924  Muslims fight in Italy

924   Croats rebel against Byzantines

926   Mongol Khitans overthrow Manchu P'o-hai

926   Bulgaria (strongest in Europe) conquers Serbia

934   Aethelstan of England invades Scotland

934   Dinh Dynasty in Vietname rebels from China

935   Koryo Dynasty begins in Korea: Silla overthrown

937   @Brunanburh, Scot. Athelstand defeats Olaf Godfreyson & Scots

938-939     @Boch Dang River Ngo Quyen defeats China -submerged spears

938   Otto I & Thankar? fight

939   Henry & Giselbert of Lrraine revolt against Otto I

939   Civil War in Japan

941   Constantinople saved from Russians by Gr. fire 10k ships sunk

942   Otto I & Frank Louis IV fight

943-944     Varangians lay waste Azerbaijan

945   Scots take Cumberland and Westmorland

946   Otto & Ludolf fight

950   Aryans give Cholas a defeat Pallavas and found their empire

950   Otto I conquers Bohemia

950-951     Beg of Dundalle & Irish defeat Danes & Dublin

951   Otto I intervenes in Lombardy and conquers it

962-971     Sviatoslav, last non-Christian Russian Emp.r, wages continual war

953   Fighting in Lorraine, Swabia

955   Magyars attack Bosnia

955   Fighting in Saxony and Bavaria Gero of East Saxon Mark wins

955   @Augsburg King Otto I defeats Magyars and Slavs

960   Byzantines recapture Antioch

960   Norwegian Christian Haakon dies in battle

960-979     Song Emperors Taizu and Taizong conquer part of China

961   Byzantines take Crete

962   Turk Alptigin rebels and takes Ghazni

963   Gero, margrave of East Saxon mark defeats Lusatian Poles

965   Byzantines take Cyprus

965   Svyatoslaw of Kiev destroys Khazar Empire

965-966     @West China revolt against Song

967   Marmathians sack Mecca

968   Norse lose Limerick, Ireland

968   Croat Kresimir conquers Bosnia

969   Russians capture Bulgarian capital

969   Fatimids conquer Egypt

970-972     Byzantines help Bulgars

971   Scots and Picts raid Britons

971   Russians fight Bulgars

972   Russian Prince Sviatoslav killed in Patzinak ambush

972   Byzantines conquer eastern half of Bulgar Empire

976   Otto II suppresses rebellion by Henry II

978-1000   Jewish Queen Judith of Axum persecutes Christians

978   Otto II defeats Lothair

979   Danes again ravage England

980   @Mara Irish King Malachy II defeats Danes

980   Kenneth II conquers Bernicia

980   @Tara, Ireland Danes defeat Olaf the Red

981-1185   Monks run amok in Japan

982   Greeks and Saracens defeat Otto II In South Italy

982   Dinh Dynasty in Vietnam invades Champa

985   Irish king Brian Boru raids Meath, Ireland

985   Harold Bluetooth of Denmark killed in revolt by his son Sweyn I.

985   Cholas of India invade Malabar coast of India

988   Javanese fight Shrivijaya

988-990     Mieszko I unites Poland

989   Banu Ya'fad sack Zabid

993   Indians destroy Polonnaruwa, Sinhalese capital

993-1018   Koreans and Manchus fight

994   Fatimids defeat Byzantines on Orontes River

999   @Glennman Irish decisively defeat Danes                         7

1000-1160  Toltec Empire to the Yucatan

1000  Venetian Doge Pieta Orseola II defeats Nevestra pirates

1000  @Svolder King Olaf Tryggvason killed

1000  Rajendra and Cholas sacks Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka

1000-1025  Mahmud of Ghazni expands Afghan Empire and raids India

1001-1014  Basil I II the Byzantine defeats Samual the Bulgar

12/2/1001  Aetherlred II massacres Danes

1002-1004  Sweyn the Dane plunders England Aethelred II pays them in 1005

1002-1050  Khmer conquests

1003  Exteter, England destroyed by Danes

1004  Irish High King Brian Boru invades Ulster & raids N & W Britain

1004  Song Empire in China and Khitan fight to a draw

1004  Thetford and Norwich sacked

1004  Pavia destroyed in Italy

1006-1007  Danes return to plundering England. Aethelred II pays Danes $46K

1007  Cholas raid Aryan kingdoms in the Deccan

1008  Mahmud of Ghazni defeats north Indian alliance

1009  Ly Dynasty begins in Vietnam

1009  Mahmud of Ghazni sacks Kangri

1011  Mahmud of Ghazni sacks Thanesao, India

1013  Dane Sweyn I (Forkbeard) invades Anglo-Saxon England

1014  @Struma Basil II defeats Bulgarians 14K binded

4/23/1014  @Clontarf (Clowliffe) Brian/20K Irish defeat 20KDublinDanes           13

1015  Spaniards retake Gerona, Spain from Moors

1018  @Carham Scots defeat Northumbrians

1018  Mahmud of Ghazni sacks Muttra in north India

1019  Basil II conquers Bosnia

1021  Rajendra and Cholas invade Bengal

10/17-20/1024    Mahmud takes Somnath Temple in India                   50

1025  Cholas of India raid Sri Vijaya in Malaysia

1028  Canute conquers Norway

1029  Mahmud of Ghazni defeats Seljuks

1030  @Stiklestad Danes & Nor. rebels kill Norwegian Olaf II Haraldson

1030  Cholas under Rajenda raid Shrivijaya on Malaysia & Sumatra

1032  Byzantines take Edessa from Muslims

1035  A band of 10K Seljuk horsemen invade Khorasan

1035-1047  William of Normandy puts down revolt. Final battlel @Caen

1037  Seljuks capture Nishapur and Merv, Khurasan

1037  Polish rebels depose Casimir I

1037-1040  King Harold Harefoot of England fights Hardecanute.

1038-1044  Tangut Li Yuanheo attacks northwest China

1038  Byzantines take East Sicily

1038  Seljuk Toghril Beg takes NE Iran

1039-1045  Turkish-Afghan War

1040  @Vsenbsky Passs Bretislav I defeats German Henry II

1040  @Elgign, Macbeth kills Duncan, King of Scots

1040  @Dandanqan Seljuks defeat Ghaznavids

1040-1075  Seljuks take Armenia,Iran,Iraq,Syria,Israel

1041  Sung Dynasty take Lan-Chou

1043  Magnus I of Denmark & Norway, defeats Wends

1044-1077  Burmese under Aniruddha annex Mon kingdom of Thaton

1045  Byzantines retake Ani from Muslims

1047-1066  Harold II of Norway fights Danes

1047  @Val-es-Dunes William of Normandy defeats Guy of Burgundy

1048  William and King Henry defeat Geoffrey Martel of Anjou.

1048  Seljuk leader Togrul raids Armenia

9/1052      Earl Godwine forcefully reenters England regains his power

1052-1492  Christians reconquer Spain

1052-1053  Nang Chih-Kao revolts in Kwangsi

6/17/1053  @Civitate, Italy Robert Guiscard & Richard crush army & capture

Pope Leo IX

1054  Abdallah Benyassim begins conquering West Africa

1054  Wm. the Conqueror defeats Henry I of France and Geoffrey Martel

1057  Pagan defeats Thaton, Mon in Burma

1057  @Lumphanan, Malcom Canmore defeats Macbeth.

1058  Calabria revolts from Norman Robert Guiscard

1058  Boleslav II of Poland conquers Upper Slovakia

1058  Malcom Canmore kills Lulach in battle

1058  Wm. the Conqueror defeats Henry I of France and Geoffrey Martel

1058-1492  Spain fights Moors

1059  Hungarians and Pachenegs raid Byzantines

1059  Seljuks recapture Baghdad

1060-1090  Normans conquer Sicily

1061  Malcolm Canmore invades Northumbria

1063  William of Normandy conquers Maine

1063  Harold and Tostig conquer Wales

1063  Kutulmush tribe fights Alp Arslan

1063  Otto of Nordheim fights Vavarians

1064  Alp Arslan captures Ani & Kar?rs, Armenia

1065  @Anin Turks fight

1065  Northumbria revolts against Tostig

9/25/1066  @Stamford Bridge Nor. Harold III Hadraada killed 1.8Kmen200ship

9/28-10/14/1066 7K Normans in700 ships conquer England (7k vs. 10k, pop. 1.5M)7

1066  Musims massacre Jewish men in Toledo

1066-1069  Normans conquer all of England

1067  @Caesarea, Analtolia Turks fight

1068  Seljuk Melik-Ghazi sacks Neocaesarea

1068  Angles and Danes destroy Norman castle at York                 0.5

1069-1071  Normans besiege and capture Bari, Italy from Italian/Greek rebels

1069  "Harrying of the North" Normans lay waste countryside

1069  Otley and Yorkshire England are destroyed

1070  @Fens, East England Saxons revolt

1071  Seljuk Turks capture Jerusalem

8/1071      @Manzikert Seljuks defeat Byzantines; Crusades Organized

1071  Henry and Otto of Nordheim fight

1072  Normans defeat Hereward the Wake in England

1072  Normans invade Scotland

1073  Saxons revolt from Normans

1075  Norman Ralph de Guader tries to revolt in England

1075  Seljjuk Malik Shah conquers Syrian and Palestine

1075  Vietnamese make pre-emptive raid into Sung China

1075  Saxons revolt

1076-1077  Chinese retaliate against Vietnamese

1076-1077  Muslims raze Ghana's capital

1080  Seljuks capture Kayseri, Turkey

1081  @Durazzo, Illyria Robert Guiscard defeats Byzantine Alexius I

1082  Norman Robert Guiscard takes Durazzo, Albania

1083  Norman Robert Guiscard captures Kastoria from English

1084  Muslim Ghazni sacks Somnath, India

1085  Toledo falls to Castilians in Spain

1085  Danes threaten England

1086  Byzantines lose South Italy

1087  @Tunis Papal army defeats Muslims; possible start of Crusades

9/71087     Wm. the Conqueror falls & dies fighting Philip I of France

1089  William Rufus of England invades Normandy

1090  Normans conquer Malta from Muslims

1090  Hashashins capture Alamut in the Elburz Mountains

1091  William Rufus of England conquers Scotland

1091  William Rufus of England invades Normandy

7/1091      @Dorylaeum 70K Crusaders beat 250 Muslims 4K+30K            34

1092  Cyprus tries to revolt brom Byzantines

1094-1096  William Rufus of England invades Normandy

1094-1164  English fight to conquer Wales

1095/6-1272/1291 Crusades                                       50

1096  Soldiers of the First Crusade kill Jews

1096  Turks defeat disorganized Peter the H. & Crusaders in Anatolia

1097  Crusaders massacre Nusayris (‘Alewites) at Mt. Lebanon

1097  Crusaders capture Kahramanmaras, Turkey

1098  @Anglesey Magnus III of Norway defeats Normans

~?    Near end of Chola Empire Shiva & Vishnu worshippers fight

~1100-1400 Incas control Cuzco Valley

1100's       Revolts in Cambodia

1100's       Moors persecute Jews, many flee to England

1103  Irish kill Norwegian Magnus III (Barelegs) in Ulster

1107  @Durazzo Byz. Alexis I Comneneus defeats Norman Bohemund I

1110  Crusaders capture Beirut, Lebanon

1115-1420  @Yugoslavia, Hungary, & Venice fight 21 wars

1120  Kurds & Ismailis defeat 25K Nusayris

1123  Suryavarman II of Cambodia attacks Annam

1123  Nusayris + some Ismailis defeat Kurds

1124  Louis VI of France repels Norman Henry I

1124  Crusaders capture Tyre

1125  Sung and Jin destroy Liao Empire

1126/1127  Jin (Juchen) capture Kaifeng, Northern Song capital

1127  Abbasids rebel from Seljuks

1128  Albert I or Brandenberg fights Udo of Lusatia in vain.

1135  Pisans sack Amalfi, Italy

1137  Pisans sack Amalfi again

1137-1138  John II Comnenus conquers Cilicia

1138  Alfonso I of Portugal rebels against his mother

1141  @North China Karakitai defeat Seljuk Sanjur

1146  Revolt in India kills Zangi

1146  Normans conquer Barbary Coast

1147  Crusade against the Wends

1147  Henry the Lion fights HRE Conrad III

1147  Byzantines and Venetians drive Normans out of Corfu

1150  Suryavarman II of Cambodia attacks Annam

1150  Cambodia and Champa fight

1150  Ghurids take Ghazni

1152-1453  War of Whiskers between England & France

1154  Nur ad-Din retakes Damascus

1155-6/1155       Arnold of Brescia briefly seizes Rome. He is hanged

7/1156      Hogen Disturbance in Japan

10/23/1157 Valdemar I or Denmark defeated Sweyn III for Danish throne

1157-1159  HRE fights Milan

1158-1169  Valdemar I destroys Wendish pirates in the Baltic

1159  Heiji Disturbance in Japan

1160  @Mexico Fall of Tula

1161  @Ts’ai-Shih explosives used to defeat the Chin

1162  South Sung fight Chin

1162  Frederick I razes Milan

1162  Alsonso I of Portugal takes Beja, south Portugal from Moors

1163-1168  Greek-Hungarian War

1166-1168  Henry the Lion defeats league against him

1167  Andrey of Suzdal sacks Kiev

1167  Amalric captures Cairo, Egypt

1168  Valdemar I of Denmark captures Arkona on Rugen River in Russia

1168  Saladin and Arabs recapture Cairo, Egypt from Fatimids

1173-1174  Ayyubids take Yemen from Shiite Zurayids

1175  Mahmud of Ghazni fights in India

1176  @Legnano Lombard League defeats Frederick I

1177  @Krakow, Poland Casimir II defeats Miexzko

1177  SE Asia: Champa kingdom sacks Angkor in surprise attack

1181  @Dysiaa Valdemar I of Denmark defeats Scanian rebels

~1181 Khmers sack Vijaya, Champa capital

1184  Philip fighting in Flanders

1185  @Dannoura Yoritomo destroys Tiara family & Antoku Tenno

1185  Bulgars Peter & Ivan Belgur revolt from Byzantines

1185  Igor Fights Polovtsy. Wins then loses

118601187  Bulgars and Vlachs revolt from high Byzantine taxes

1187  Saladin takes Beirut, Lebanon and Jerusalem

1187  Yoritoma destroys Fujiwara family

1187  Byzantine revolt under Alexis Branas crushed

1190  English fight Moors in Portugal

1190-1195  Byzantines fight Vlachs

1191  Richard I of England takes Cyprus

1192 Crusaders capture Jerusalem                        70

1193  G. Khan+10K wins first battle against Father-in-law Ung Khan

1194  Last of Seljuk leaders dies in battle in Persia

1195  Andrei Bogolyubsky of Suzdal sacks Kiev

1196  Bulgarians revolt against Byzantines

1196  Kalpi in India was conquered for the princes of Ghor

~1200 Chichen Itza sacked in the Yucatan, Mexico

1200  Hoysalas attack the Chola Empire from the west in India

1200  Pandyas attack the Chola Empire from the south in India

1200  Alfonso VIII of León & Castille captures Vitoria, N. Spain

1202  Valdemar II of Denmark conquers Holstein

1202  Venetians capture Trieste

1202-1217  Civil war in Norway

1204  Frank Duke Boniface of Montferrat captures Athens

4/12-14/1204     Crusaders sack Constantinople for unpaid debts

1205  @Adrianople Bulgar Kalojan defeats Crusaders

???   Children’s Crusade (100K kids killed or captured)          60

~1206 @Collestrada Perugia defeats Assissi; Francis imprisoned

1208  Valdemar II fights heathen Estonians

1210  Valdemar II’s 2nd campagin takes Prussia, Pomerania, & Samland

1211-1292  Mongol Expansion; Largest Empire Ever

1211-1234  Mongols conquer Manchus (Juchen, Jin)

1211  @Strasbourg 80 Waldenses burned to death       0.08

1212 @Las Navas del Tolosa, Castilian Sancho el Fuerte beats En-Nasir

1215  Indian attack ruins Sinhalese Civilization

1215-1219  4th Lateran declares 4 year truce in Europe to launch 5th Crusade

1215-1217  (Smaller) Barons' War in England

1217-1222  Fifth Crusade fails

1217-1240  Earl Skule in revolt against Hå kon IV of Norway

1218  Valdemar II attacks Estonians, saved by a banner from heaven

1219  Crusaders besiege Damietta, Egypt; Francis there

1220  Chams rebel from Khmers

1220  Genghis Khan sacks Balkh

1220's       Germans decisively defeat Danes

1221  @Indus River Tatars defeat Mughals                27

1222  @Gantor, Java Ken Angrok defeats Kertajaya

1225-1226  Mongols invade Bulgaria

1226-1282  Civil War in Japan

1227  Genghis Khan destroys Tangut Xixia kingdom

7/22/1227  @Bornhöved Valdemar II of Denmark defeated

1227  Yaroslav raidsTavastians

1228  Karelians & Russians defeat Tavastians                     2

1229/30-1279     Teutonic Knights conquer pagan Slavs

1229  James I of Aragon expels Moors from Balearic Islands

1129  Rasulids in Yemen rebel against Ayyubids

1230  Bulgars conquer Thrace Macedon, & Albania

1233/4      Mongols capture Jin City of Kaifeng falls after two long sieges

1235  Muslims capture Ujjain, Central India

1236  @Saule Lithuanians defeat Sword Brothers                2

1237  Mongols fight Kipchaks & destroy Ryazan, Russia

1239  Fredinand III of Castile sacke Moorish town of Baeza (50K inhabitants)

1240  Golden Horde conquers Armenia, Moscow, destroys Kiev

1240  Sundiata of Mali conquers Susu of Ghana

1240  Tatars destroy Kursh

1240  @Novgorod Russians defeat Swedish invaders

1240-1241  Mongols attack Poland and Ukraine

5/12/1241  Mongols destroy Hungary                           70

1242  @Olomouc, Central Czech. Mongols defeated

1243  Egyptians capture Jerusalem from Christians

1243  Mongols capture Kayseri

1244  Massacre of Cathari at Beziers                            20

1244  Burning of Cathari at Minerve                       0.14

1250  Kublai Khan kicks the Lai-Tai out of Southwest China

1260-1518  Mamelukes of Egypt persecute Nusayris

13th Century       Skirmish between Tahitian Tangiia and Karika on Rarotonga

13th Century       Tahitian Tutapu attacks Tangiia but is killed

1252-1259  Mangu and Kublai Khan conquer South China

1253  Mongols attack Tran Dynasty in Vietnam

1257-1258  Vietnamese fight Mongols; Mongols sack Hanoi in 1257

1258-1259  Mongols under Mongke capture Chengdu and hezhou

1259  Mongols take Guilin, China

1260-1279  Kublai Khan drives Kin Tatars out of China

1260  @Ayn Jalut, Palestine, Baybars I defeats Mongols

-8/4/1265  End of resumation of Barons' War

1261  Michael VIII Palaeologus takes Constantinople from Baldwin II

1262  Spanish capture Cadiz from Moors

1263  @Largs Alexander III defeats Haco of Norway

1263-1267  Barons' War in England

1264  Battle of Lewes in England

1264  Byzantine Michael VIII Palaeolus conquers Albania

1265  Mongols defeat Byzantines

1266  Battle of Benevento Manfred of Sicily killed

1268  Mameluke Baybars I captures Antioch from Crusaders

1268  @Tagliacozzo Conradin defeated

1258/68     Mongol Hulagu sacks Baghdad, Iraq                 100

1259  @Pelagonia near Sparta, Byzantines capture William Villehardouin

1270  @Herat Il Khan army defeats Chagatai, leader of Mongols

1271-1301  Kaidu fights other Mongols until his death

1274  15K Mongols attempt to invade Japan                13

1275  Sinhasin attacks Jambia-Malaya kingdom in East Indies

1276  Rudolph of Hapsberg besieges Vienna

1276  Mongols capture Hangzhou and Canton

1277  Visconti family defeats Della Torree family in Milan

1277  @Ngasaunggyan, Mongols destroy Pagan (Burmese) army

1278  Rudolf von Hapsburg defeats Bohemian Ottokar II ; takes Vienna

8/26/1278  @Dü rnkurt Ottakar killed

1278/79     @Yaishan Mongols destroy Sung Chinese fleet

1281  140/150K Mongols+Chinese try to invade Japan                  112

1282  Welsh rebel against English; Llywelyn killed

1283  Mongols take Bharmo, Burma

1284  Mongols invade Vietnam

1284  Genoa overthrows Pisa

1284  Java conquers Bali

1284-1288  Mongols try to take Vietnam; Tran & chams repel them

1287  Mongols conquer Pagan in Burma

1287  @Bach Dang River Mongol junks sunk by submerged spears

1288  @Bach Dang River Mongol junks sunk -submerged spears again

1291  Muslims capture & destroy Tyre

1291  Muslims take Beirut, Lebanon

1291  @Dazaifu Japanese turn back Chinese              97

1292-1293  @Majapahit, java 1000 Mongol ships defeated trying to invade Java

7/10/1296  English defeat John deBaliol and Scots

1297-1298  Wm. Wallace & Scots revolt; win @Stirling Bride, lose @Falkirk

1300-1368  Chinese revolt from Mongols. White Lotus, White Cloud, & Red Turban Societies

1301  Juna Khan captures Ranthambhor, India

1301  Juna Khan captures Chitor, India

1301  @Baphaeum Turks defeat Byzantines

1302  @Courtrai 20K burghers from Flanders defeat 50K

1303-1358  Phag-mo-gru family liberates Tibet

1305  Juna Khan conquers Malwa, India

1305-1333  Poles defeat Teutonic Knights

1307-1314  Robert Bruce raids English in Scotland

1308  Juna Khan captures Warangak

14th century       @Sudan Mamelukes conquer Maqurra (Christian kingdom)

1310  Madurai, India destroyed

1311  Catalan pirates conquer Athens

1312  Tran Anh ton captures Champa

1312  French killed most of the Knights Templar                        20+

1313  Robert Bruce captures Perth, Scotland

11/9/1313  @Gammelsdorf Louis IV defeats Frederick III

6/24/1314  @Bannockburn 40K Scots defeat 60K English               14

1314-1328  Scots fight Englishto gain independence

10/26/1314-19/28/322 Louis of Bavaria defeats Frederick III

1315  Louis X of France invades Flanders

1315  Edward Bruce I of Ireland invades Antrim, Ulster sacks Belfast

1315  @Morgarten Swiss defeat Austrians

1316  Pastourneaux revolt in northern France

1320  Samma Rajputs revolt in Kutch

1320  Muslims destroy 60 Copt churches; Copts then revolt

1322  Battle of Muhldorf in Germany

1324  Sultan of Delhi conquers Kalinga on East Indian coast

1325-1337  War of the Oaken bucket between Modena & Bologna             ~2

1325-1521  Aztecs carve their Empire in the heart of Mexico        >100

13266 Champa regains independence from Vietnam

1326  Turks capture Brusa

1326-1333  Teutonic Knights defeat Poles

1327  English revolt

1329-1529  Scots fight among themselves

1329  Ottomans capture Nicaea, (Iznik, Turkey )

1331  Serbs capture Kastoria, Greece

1331-1334  Go-Daigo revolts against Kamakura Shoguns

1333  @Haliden Hill Brits defeat Scots

1333  Daigo II of Japan defeats Hojo Shoguns

1335-3/1336       Takarji defeats Go-Daigo & Yoshisada

1336-1392  Civil War in Japan, Daigo II exiled

1337  Turks capture Nicomedia

1337-1437/1453   100 Years War in France                           3

~1338-~1364      Majapahit Kingdom in Java expands

1340  @Salado River Port. & Spanish crush Moors

1340  Poles capture Lvov, Ukraine

~1341 Mali in Africa regains power under Sulaiman

~1344 Ethiopian Amda Tseyon conquers

1345  Ottoman Oran defeats Balikesir Kingdom

1345  Ottomans assist John Cantacuzene in Byz. Civil War

1346  Casimir III of Poland fights Bohemia

1346  @Crécy in 100 Years War

1348  Cypriots massacre Muslims

1348  Fez try to capture Tunisia

1349  Most Jews in Wurtenberg killed for "bringing on plague"

by poisoning the wells

c.1350      Siamese attack Cambodia and take 90K prisoners

c.1350-1750       Siam conquers Cambodia

1351  Chas. of Blois & France fight Brit John of Montfort over Brittany

1353  Casimir III of Poland defeats Lithuanians

1353  Siamese armies sack Angkor

1354  Turks overrun Balkans

1356  D'Alando Sambucuccio leads Corsican revolt against Aragonese

1356  @Poitiers in 100 Years War

1357  Tamerlane makes a mound of 70K skulls at Isfahan              70

1357-1360  @Adrianople Turks defeat Byzantines

1357  @Brobjaerg Valdemar IV defeats Danish rebels

1358  Jacquerie Uprising in France                          20

6/10/1358  @Meaux English vs. French                                 7

1360  Ziyanids in Algeria independent of Hafsids and Marinids

1360  Turk Firuz Shah Tughluq sacks Kangra

1361  Valdemar IV of Denmark captures Visby, Sweden

7/1361      @Visby, Gotland Valdemar IV & fleet defeat peasants

1361-1396  Turks subjugate Bulgaria and Thrace

1364  Turk Lala Shahin captures Phlippios

1365  Charles of France intervenes in Spain

1367  @Navarre, Spain & Brits defeat French                   7.6

1368  Chinese overthrow Mongols

1368  Ottomans take Canakkale-Troy

1371  Chams sack Hanoi

1371  Revolt in Sienna, Italy

1373  Ottoman Murad I captures Macedonia

1378  Muscovite Dimitry defeats a small Mongol army

1378-1380/1       War of Chioggia Carlo Zeno & Venice defeats Genoa

1379-1392  Tamerlane in India, massacre at Delhi              80

1380  Ottoman Murad I captures Sophia and Nish

1380  Second half of 100 years war

9/8/1380    @Kalikovo Dimitry & 150K defeat Mamay & 200K Golden Horde; only 40K able-bodied R               155

1380 Tamelane takes Kashgar

1380  Near Poltava Tamerlane defeats Lithuanians

1380-13181 Venice defeats anti-Venetian coalition

1381  Mamay of Golden Horde overthrown by Tokhtamysh

6/13-6/15/1381   Peasant's Revolt led by Wat (Walter) Tyler in England

1382-1385  Tamerlane conquers eastern Persia

1382  Golden Horde sacks Moscow 24K Muscovites         24

8/12/1382  Ming Chinese defeat Mongols

1382  French-Flemish War

1383  @Serres Turks and Byzantines fight

1383-1385  Portuguese Civil War

1383  @Sempach Austrians defeated

1383  Tamerlane conquers northeast Iran

~1385 Ottomans capture Kastoria

1385  Uprising in Rome

1385  Ottomans capture Sofia and Sardica

1385  Golden Horde invades Azerbaijan

1385  @Aljubasrrota Port. defeat Castilians

1386  @Sempach, Switz. forest cantons win

1386  Ottomans take Nis and fight at Naissus

1386-1394  Tamerlane conquers Armenia, Azerbaijan, Iraq

1386-1388  John of Gauntt and English try to overthrow Castile usurper

1387  @Koria Ottoman Murad I defeats Anatolian coalition

1387  Turks capture Salonika, Greece

1387  Tamerlane takes Kars, Turkey

1387/1388  Balkans defeat Ottomans

4/9/1388    @Nä fels, Switz. Swiss defeat Hapsburgs

1388  @Puir Noro Chinese Hung-Wu capture 70K Mongols; razes Karakorum

1388  Golden Horder invade Transoxiana

6/27-28/1389     @Kosovo Polje Ottomans defeat Balkans - Bulgars Murad I killed

1389-1425  Muscovite Vasily I fights Lithuania & Tver

1390  @Philadelphia Turks and Byzantines fight

1390  @Chitor Pathans defeat Rajputs

1391  Tamerlane defeats Toktamish

1392  China conquers Korea

~1392 Tamerlane defeats the Golden Horde

1393-1394  Turks invade Peloponnese; battle at Larissa

1394  Jobst briefly rebels from Wenceslas in Bohemia

1394  Tamerlane conquers Georgia and the rest of Mesopotamia

1395  Golden Horde invades the Caucasus

1395  Tamerlane attacks Riazan

1398  Tamerlane invades India because the Moslem Mughal rulers were too tolerant

12/17/1398 @Panipat Tamerlane defeats Mahmud Tughlak. Delhi thoroughly sacked

1399  Henry IV (Bolingbroke) invades England

1399  Tamerlane invades Azerbaijan and Syria again

1400  Aleppo sacked and the Mameluk army defeated

~1400 Zapotecs in Oaxaca reduce territory of Huave Indians

~1400 Zaria defeats Kano King Kanajeji in Nigeria

1400  Tran civil war; Chinense occupy Vietnam

1400  Melaka (Malacca) Kingdom founded

1400  Tamerlane sacks Baalbek

1400  Mali dynastic disputes

1401  Tamarlane nearly destroys Antioch

1401/1402  Tamerlane sacks Baghdad and kills 20,000 and destroys all monuments 20

1402  Turks beseiging Constantinople

7/20/1402  Near Ankara Tamerlane defeats Bayezids army

1402  @Ankara Tamerlane defeats Ottoman Bayazid I

1403  Venetians and French fight

1403-1438  Chinese occupy Sri Lanka

1402/4-1410/6    Owen Glendower rebels in Wales

1405  Chinese fleet destroys Chinese pirates at Palembay

1406/1407-28     Tamerlane destroys Sardis in Anatolia

1407  Ming Chinese conquer Vietnam

2/20/1408  Northumbrian rebellion in England

9/23/1408  John of Burgundy & Bavarians crush revolt in Liège

~1408-8/29/1533 Inca Empire Expands

1410  Poles and Lithuanians crush the Teutonic Knights

5/19/1411  @Rome Louis II & John XXIII defeat Ladislas

7/24/1411  @Harlaw Highland Scots defeat Lowlanders                22.5

1411  Chinese fleet defeats Buddhist levels in Sri Lanka

5-6/1413    Ladislas of Naples sacks Rome

1413  Sir JohnOldcastle and many Lollards rebel in England

1413-1418  Armagnacs drive Burgundians out of Paris

1415  @Agincourt in 100 Years War

1415  Port.uguese invade Morocco and capture Ceuta

1415-1453  China occupies Annam

1415-1416  @Czechoslovakia Hussites revolt successfully

1418-1427  Revolt against Chinese succeeds in Vietnam

1419/20-1434     Crusade against Hussites in Hungary 140K Papists

1422  Third Hussite War in Hungary

1422  Turks besiege Constantinople; saved by Turk revolt in Anatolia

1425/1427  Vietnamese eject Ming Chinese from Vietnam

1425  Togon-temur rebels against Aruqtai

1427  @Fulda Hesse defeats Mainz

1427  Aztec Itzcoatl revolts against Atzcapotzalcans and Tepanecs.

1428-1429  @Orleans in 100 Years War Joan of Arc captured

1428  Azcapotzalco captured by the Aztecs

1400- Aztecs sacrificed about 20K people                        20

1428  Vietnamese drive out Chinese from Vietnam

1430  Turks take Thessalonika

1431  @Vsewbssky Pass Hussites scare off large HRE army

1431/32-1594     Siam defeats Angkor: Angkor sacked in 1431/32

1434  Ultraquists/Catholics together defeat Taborites in Bohemia              20

1436-1450  Old Zurich War, Zurich lost

1439  @Etzel Swiss fight

1440  Turks fail to capture Belgrade

1440  Unsuccessful rebellion against Charles VII of France

1440-1444  Zurich Wars

1441-1448  Over 900 black slaves brought to Portugal

1443-1478  Skanderbeg and Albanians fight Holy War & revolt against Turks

1443  @Baar in Zug Canton Swiss fight

1444  Zurich captured

1444  @Varna on Black Sea Turks defeat Crusaders

1446  @Ragaz Swiss fight

1446  Byzantines lose Sparta's lands to Turks

1447  Tlatelulco revolted from the Aztecs

1448  @Kosovo Turks defeat Hungarians

1448-1512  Reign of Bayazid II has continuous warfare

1448-1449  Fujian and Chejiang rebel                           1000

1449  Chinese unsuccessfully invade Mongolia

1450  Jack Cade's Rebellion in England

1450  Parakramabahu VI of Kottee conquers Jaffna

1450  Sforza seizes Milan

4/8-5/29-30/145380K/100K Turks conquer 10K at Constantinople                    >10

1453  End of 100 Years war in France

1453-1560  Turks subjugate Greece

1453  Burgundians subdue rebellion in Flanders

-1454 Peace of Lodi ends Italian fighting

1454-1466  @Puck Casimir IV of Poland defeats Teutonic Knights

1455-1485  English Civil War of the Roses Lancaster vs. York

1455  @St.Albans in the War of the Roses

1460  Thurgau War between Swiss and Sigismund of Austria

1463  Ottomans and Venetians fight

1463-1473  Major Inca Expansion (max. 380k sq. mi)

1464-1492  Ali of Songhai's campaigns

1464-1471  Ali of Songhai captures Djenne

1465-1470  Incas conquer Chimu of Chan Chan

1468  Timbuctu conquered by Ali & Songhai

1468  Burgundian Charles the Bold sacks Liege, Belgium

1469  Russian Ivan III captures Kazan

1470  Tarascans beat Aztecs

1470  Turks conquer Euboea

1470-1478  Muscovite Ivan III massacres city of Novgorod

1471  Vietnamese invade Champa

1472  Muslims capture Goa, India

1476  @Morat Hans Waldmann & Swiss defeat Burgundians

1477  Jaffna & Kandy free themselves from Kotta in Sri Lanka

1477  French take city of Tourcoing from Flemish

1478  Small uprising in Floreence; Catherine of Genoa almost killed

1478  Muslims attack non-Muslims in Java

1481  @Otranto Portugese defeat Turks

1483  King Boabdil of Granada captured trying to retake Lucena, Spain

10-11/1483 Henry Stafford of Buckingham's revolt in S. England

1484  Venetians conquer Polestine

1485  Ivan III of Moscow conquers Tver

1487  Spanish conquer Målaga from Moors

1487-1488  Crusade against the Waldenses

1489  Venice took Cyprus

1490  Aztecs sacrifice POW's                                   20-80

1492  Russians invade Lithuania

1493  Askia Muhammed rebels against Ali in Songhai

1494-1496  Charles III of France invades Italy

1495-1574  Mughal Conquests in India

1497  Pope Alexander takes Romagna

1497  Cornish Rebellion in England

1499  Louis XII of France re-invades Italy

1499  Swabian War in Germany

1500  Funj overwhelm Alwa in Sudan

1501  Spaniard Ponce de Leon conquers Borinquenos in Puerto Rico

1501 Syrian Muslims defeat Egyptian Mamelukes

1502  French and Spanish fight in Italy

1502  Persian Ismail I defeats White Turkmens

1504-1513  Pope Julius II defeats Borgia family in Italy

1504  All Russians in Kazan massacred

1504  Spain conquers Naples, Italy

1506  Pope Julius defeats Perugia and Bologna, Italy

1507-1517  Cardinial Francisco Ximenes of Spain tortures 40K                2.5

1507  Revolt in Genoa, Italy

1507  Portuguese besiege Khawral-Fakkan

1507  Alphonso d’Albuguergue attacks Hormuz

1508  League of Cambri defeats Venice, Italy

1509  Pope Julius II crushes Venice, Italy

1509  Uzbecks sackc Kerman, Iran

1510  Portuguese Alfonso de Albuquerque captures Goa

1511  Portuguese conquer Malacca Kingdom

1511  Pope Julius II besieges Mirandola, Italy

1512 @Ravenna French defeat Spanish & Papacy

1512  Swiss conquer Milan, Italy

9/9/1513    @Flodden Field English defeat Scots          14

1513  Albuquerqu e + 3K Port. fight in Aden

1513  King Manuel of Port. fights Azemmow in Morocco

1513  Mohammed I Askia of Songhai captures Katsina & Kano, Nigeria

1514  John of Hungary puts down Ttranslavian revolt

1514  Shi'ite Sayyids takes Shushtar from the Timurids

8/23/1514  @Chaldiron Ottoman Selim the Grim defeats Safayid Sultan islma’il I

1514  Alphonso d’Albuquerqu captures Hormuz

1514-16     Ottomans take Armenia from Persia

1515  Francis I of France invades Italy

1515  @Marignano French defeat Swiss

1515-1521  Ponce de Leon defeats revolt in Puerto Rico

1515  Ottomons capture Kayseri

1515-1527  Ottomans defeat Mamelukes of Egypt

1516  Ottomans conquer Syria & Antioch

8/24/1516  Ottoman Selim the Grim defeats the Mamlukes

1516  Ottoman Selim I (the Grim) massacres 9.4 Nusayris              9.4

1517  Ottomans capture Cairo, Egypt                             50

1517  Ottomans "defend" Yemen from Portugese

2/19/1519-8/13/1521 Cortez defeats Aztecs: 600men,20horses,10cannon          300

1520-2/6/1521    Gazali tries to rebel from Ottomans in Damascus

1520  "Bath of blood" Danes execute Swedish nobles            >.07

1520-1521  Unsuccessful rebellion in Spain

1521-1529  Holy Roman Empire vs. France; L Ignatius of Loyola injured

1521  Pope Leo captures Parma, Italy

1521/2      Suleiman I captures Belgrade from Louis II of Hungary

4/27/1521  Chief Lupalupu kills Magellan

1522  Suleiman I conquers Dodecanese Islands

7/28-12/20-1522 Suleiman takes Rhodes                               20

1522  Knights' War in Germany

1524  Egypt tries to rebel from Ottomans

1524  @Milan French vs. Spanish

1524-1526  Cortes enters Honduras

1524-1539  Unrest in Honduras

1524  Pedro de Alvarado conquers Guatemala

1524-4/16/1525-6 Peasant's War in Germany 50K homeless                  100

1525  Spaniards defeat Zutuhil Indians of Guatemala

1525  @Frankenhausen Anabaptist Thomas Münzer defeated & killed

2/25/1525  @Paria, Italy Spanish defeat French

5/15/1525  @Frankenhausen Philip of Hesses defeat Thomas Munzer

1526  @Mohacs Suleiman I defeats Hungarians; 20K Hungarians died   20

1526-1527  Revolt in Anatolia

1526-1528  Austrians and Turks fight

1526  Spanish sack Indian temple

1526  Ottomans raid Toulon and Nice

1526  @Panipat, Babur defeats Sultan Ibrahim Lodi

1526/28-1658     Most of Shan Jahan of India fights in Deccan

10/1526-5/27     France,Italy against Italians; Rome sacked

2/7/1527    25K Holy Roman Empire troops sack Rome                  8/1 2

1527  Muslims invade Ethiopia

1527  Mac Dang Dung takes over Vietnam

1528  Muslims conquer Shoa, Abyssinia.

1529  Suleiman I invades Hungary again

1529  HRE Charles V captures Cortona,Italy

1529  Swiss Zwinglian Cantons defeat Catholic cantons & impose terms

10/9-23/1531     @Zurich 5 Cantons attack 8K vs. 1.5K: Zwingli killed 1

1531-1536  Pizarro & 180 men conquer 3.5-16M pop. Inca Empire           2-10

1532  @Cajamarca

1533  Le and Mac Dang Dung Civil War in Vietnam

1534  Suleiman I takes Baghdad and Tabriz from Persians

1534  Barbarossa II captures Tunis

1534  Kildare's Rebellion in Ireland

1534  @Tabriz Ottomans fight Persians

1534-1586  Oda Nobuwaga unified Japan

1535  Protestants & Catholics combine to take Munster

1535  Gujarat defeats city of Chitor                            28

1535-1538  Holy Roman Empire vs. France

1536  John Calvin and Geneva revolt against Duchy of Savoy

1536  Spanish try for 1st time to subdue Omagua Indians in South America

1536  @Cuzco

1536-1541  @Buenes Aires Spanish fight Indians

1538  Barbaroissa captures Aegina, Greece

1538  @Chunar, India Moguls defeat Bengalis

1538  Turks besiege Cattaro, Montenegro

1538  @Ascuncion Spanish fight Indians

1540  Gibralter sacked by Barbarrosa II

1540  Spaniard Coronado conquers the Zuñi Indians of Arizona

1540  Spanish into Chile

1541  Suleiman I captures Buda, Hungary

1541  Spanish try for 2rd time to subdue Omagua Indians in South America

1541  Spanish raid Algiers but could not capture

1542-1544  Holy Roman Empire vs. France

1542  French and Turks jointly raid Nice

1544  Incas unsuccessfully revolt from Spanish

2/17/1545  @Ancur Moor Scots defeat English

1545  Waldenses persecuted in Italy

1546-1548  Conquistadors revolt in Peru

1546  Muslims Damuk attack Pasunban in E.Indies

1546  @Basra Ottomans fight Persians

1546-4/1547       Schmalkaldic War Catholics defeat Philip of Hesse & Lutherans

1548  @Tabriz Ottomans fight Persians

1549  Kett's Rebellion in England

1549  Western Rebellion in England

1550  Using guns, Burmese capture Chittagong

1550  @Jersey, English Channel

1550-1650  European Religious Wars

1551  @Bandar Abbas Ottomans fight Persians

1551  Turks take Tripoli, Libya

1551  Catholics defeat Lutherans in Iceland

1551-4/3/1559    Holy Roman Empire vs. France

1551-1562  Ottomans and Hungary fight

1552  Ivan the Terrible & 100K army capture Kazan 50 day siege ~20

1553  Tlemcen, NW Algeria taken by Ottomans

1553-1653  Rebellion in Chile

1554  Katsina defeat Songhai in Africa

1554  London Rebellion in England

1554  Wyatt's Rebellion in England

1555  Henry II of France invades Italy

1555 Burmese capture Autthaya, capital of Siam

1555-1560  Waldenses persecuted in Italy

1556  Ivan the Terrible conquers Astrakhan

1557  @Nakhicheven & Massawa Ottomans fight Persians

1557  @St. Quentin Spain and England defeat France

1557/58-1582/3   Livonian War: Russia

12/14/1558 @Quiapo, Chile Spanish fight Indians

1558  @Calais, France II

1560  Spanish try for 3rd time to subdue Omagua Indians in South America

1562  Eng. Privateer John Hawkins helps in African battle for slaves

1562  @Toulouse French kill Huguenotss                    4

1562  Protestants pillage abbey at Tours, France

1564  Akbar crushes revolt in Malwa

5-9/1565    Turks besiege Jean Parisot de al Vallette at Malta

1565  Uzbeks rebel against Akbar

1565-1573  Oprichniks and Ivan the Terrible oppress Russia

1565  Bijapur,Bidar,Ahmadnagar,Golconda defeat Vijayanagar-India

1566  Iconoclastic riots in Europe

1566  Turks invade Hungary

1566  Erik XIV of Sweden (inane) kills many nobles

1567-1648  Low countries revolt from Spain

Sum/1568   Don Juan fights Moorish pirates

1568  Akbar attacks city of Chitor

3/1569      Don Juan subdues Moriscos in Grenada

1569  "Northern Uprising" of English Catholics

1569  Poland captures Vinnitsa, Ukraine

1570  Powhatan Indians expel Spanish from Virginia

1570-1580  Oda Obunaga of Japan breaks Monasteries' power

1570  French Huguenot pirates kill 39 Jesuits enroute to Brazil

1570  Katsina defeat Kano in Africa

1570-1571  Turkish Ottomans take Cyprus

1571  Moscow sacked by Crimean Tartars                        >100

3/12-16/1579     @Maastrict I Spanish defeat & massacre 8K Dutch civilians              8

10/7/1571 @Lepanto, Spain,Pope,Venice lose 12/214 vsTurks 190/230ships

1573  Don Juan captures Tunis, Tunisia

1574  Burmese ravage Laos

1574  Ottomans recapture Tunis, Tunisia

1576  Mughals conquer Mewr

6/1576      Battle of Gogünda, Mughal defeats Rajput Singh of Mewar

1576-1593  @France Catholics & Hugeunots fight

1578  Moroccans defeat Portugese in Morocco. King Sebastian killed

1578  @Gembloux in Dutch West Indies 20K vs. 20K

1578  @Tiflis & Kars Ottomans fight Persians

1579  @Derbend Ottomans fight Persians

1580  Spaniards capture Ceuta in NW Africa

1580  @Polotsk Poles defeat savage Russian army and save Livonia

1580  Spanish briefly capture Brunei

~1580 Zarian Queen Amina conquers Nupe and Jukun in Nigeria

1581  Yemak of Russia begins Siberian conquest. Captures Isker (Sibir)

1582?-1590 Unification of Japan

1583  Ottomans fight Persians at Baku

1583-1616  Nurhachi unites Manchus

1585-1589  War of the Three Henry's in France

1587  Sir Francis Drake of England raids Cadiz

Many Spanish vessels destroyed

1588  Spanish Armada destroyed off Engliand.1 Brits killed 51 ships 9.1

1588  @Ganjo Ottomans fight Persians

1590  Tokyo captured by Shogun Ieyasu Tokugawa

1590-1637  Revolt of Dom Jeronimo Chingulia of Mombasa in Goa

1590  @Ivry inFrance, Prot. Henry of Navarre barely defeats Catholics

1591  Moroccans conquer Timbuktu and most of Songhai Empire

American Conquest                                   30

1592-1597/8       Japanese Hideyoshi Toyotomi tries to conquer Korea

1593-1606  Long War in Hungary;

1596  Japan tries to invade China

1593-1603  O'Neill's Rebellion in Ireland against England

1594-1601  O'Donnell's Rebellion in Ireland. Hugh O-’Neill surrenders

1595  Francis Drake and Hawkins attacks San Juan, Puerto Rico

1596  Robert Devereux of England plunders Cadiz

1596-1610  Rebellion against Ottomans

1597-1598 137 churches destroyed & 26 Catholics crucified in Nagasaki            0.026

1597-1598  Japan tries to invade Korea

1598  @Yellow River Hugh O’Neill defeats English

1599  Rebellion in China

16th Century       Spanish carried 17,500 lbs gold from Peru

Spanish carried 500 lbs gold from Panama

1600's       Spanish Inquisition                                  50

1601  @Kisale, Ireland, Brits defeat Hugh O’Neill

10/20/1600 @Sekigahara, Japan Tokugawa clan wins

1602  Araucanian Indians destroy Osorno, S. Chile

1603  Persians and Turks fight

1606-1613  Time of Troubles in Russia

1607  Dianga massacre in East Indies

1609  Japan invades Ryuku Islands

1609  Dutch capture Bacan Islands in Indonesia from Portuguese

1609  Mohican Indians fight Samuel de Champlain

1611-1613  Danes defeat Swedes in Kalmar War

11/29/1612 English repel Portugese ships in Gulf of Cambay

1613  Dutch repel Portuguese in Kupeng, Timor

1614  State of Pole in Sumatra defeats Portugese

1614-1615  @Toyotomi Castle, Osaka Japan

1616  Campbells drive MacDonalds out of Island islay

1618-1620  Czechs unsuccessfully revolt (defenestration of Prague)

1618  Funj fight Ethiopians

1618-1644  Manchus under Abahi take over China

1618-1648  Thirdy Years War in Germany          7,000

1618-1632  First 3 phases Thirty Years War

1620  Kasanje Kingdom starts conquest in Angola

1620  Spaniards sack Alzey, Hesse Germany

1620-1621  Portuguese and East India company ships fight in Indian Ocean

1620-1673  Nguyen and Trinh fight in Vietnam

1621  Nurhachi expels Ming in China

1622  The Great Martyrdom of Christians in Nagasaki

2/18-5/1/1622    @Hormuz Persians capture Portuguese garrison

1622-1644  Opechancanough & Powhatans fail to drive Brits from Virginia           .35

1623/1630/32     11.5

1623  @Amboina Dutch massacre English

1623  Persians recapture Baghdad

5/9/1624    Dutch capture Bahia, Brazil

1625  Dutch burn San Juan, Puerto Rico

5/10/1625  Portuguese retake BAhia, Brazil

1625  White Lotus Rebellion in China

1626  Nurhaci defeated outside city of Ningyuan

1627  Manchus attack Korea

1627-1636  Many rebellions in China

1628-1644  Li Zicheng rebels in China

1630  John Coxon and 600 Buccaneers cross Darien and enter the Caribbean

1644  Li Zicheng captures Beijing. Manchus defeat him

1629-1669  "Trample the crucifix" time of persecution in Japan

1630  Turks capture Hamadana, Persia

1630  Dutch attack Bahia, Brazil

1631  @Leipzig in 30 Years War

1632  @Lützen in 30 Years War

1634-1648  Fourth phase of Thirty Years War                                0

1634  Dutch seize Curacao from the Spanish

1635  Zaydis of Sana expeels Ottomans from Yemen

1636-1637  Connecticut settlers exterminate Pequot Indians

1637 Japanese + Dutch artillery crush Christian revolt against persecution

5/25/1637  Pequot War; Pilgrims and Narragansetts fight Pequots            0.8

1638-1658  Dutch attack Portugese in Sri Lanka

1638  Turks recapture Baghdad

8/1640      Oliver Cromwell kills 3K Irish + .3 Irish women                  3.3

1640  Maba chief Abd-el-Kerim conquers Tanjurs of Wadai, in Sahara

1640  Portuguese throw off Spanish rule

1641  Dutch take Malacca from Portuguese

1641  Irish Catholic revolt

1641  Spanish destroy Old Providence, a buccaneer stronghold in the Caribbean

1641  Spanish massacre English settlers and buccaneers on Tortuga

1642  Sswedes sack Olomouc, Central Czech.

1642-1646  English Civil War Parliamentarians(Roundheads)

vs. Royalists(Cavaliers)

1643  @Marston Moor in English Civil War

1643  Mihican chieff Uncas defeats Narragansetts Indians

1644  Manchus capture Beijing

1644  Prince Rupert captures Lierpool, England

1644  Powhatan Indians fail to drive British from Virginia

1645 Royallist Jas. Graham Montrose defeats 8th Earl of Argyll

1645  Spanish fail to stop Malay piracy

1645  @Naseby 14K Parliamentarians defeat 10K Royalists

1645-1648  Turks take Crete from Venice

1646  @Benburb Owen Roe O’Neill fights

1648  Russian Cossacks Killed Jews in Poland & Russia                  300

1648-1649  Portuguese defeat Dutch in Brazil

1648-1651  Renewed English Civil War & Scots & Irish

1648  First Fronde rebellion in France

1649  1K Iriquois annihilate the Huron Indians

1649  Spanish attack British held Bahamas

1649  Iriquois destroy tiononrtatis tribe

1600’s Tutsis conquer Hutus in Rwanda

1652-1654  Anglo-Dutch War

1653  Jukun (Kwararafa) defeat Kano, Nigeria

1655  Many Waldenses killed; Waldenses revolt in Italy

1655-1661  Hien Vuong fights Trinhs in Vietnam

1656  Dutch control Moluccas

1656  Venetian fleet defeats Turks off Dardanelles

1656  War between Sweden and Poland

1657  Turks besiege Cattaro, Montenegro

1657-1658  Mughal internal struggle for power after Shah Jahan’ s illness

7/7/1658    Swede Charles X launches surprise war against Fred III of Denmark

1658  Sumatrans attack Dutch

1658-1662  Charles X of Sweden takes Malmo from Denmark

1660  Dutch capture a Macassar fort

1661  Revolt in Maranhao, Brazil; Jesuits flee

1661  English stop war of Mohican Uncas & Wampanoag Chief Massasoit

1661-1662  Dutch driven out during Formosa Chinese Pirate Wars

1661-1664  Turkey and Holy Roman Empire at War

1662  Marathas takes Kalyan in India

1663  Second Fronde Rebellion in France

1663  Turks and Austrians fight

1665-1667  Second Anglo-Dutch War

1666  Mughals of India destroy Burmese pirates

6/1-6/1666 @Dover Strait in 2nd Anglo-Dutch War Dutch win batttle              7

1667  Razin of Russia raids Persia

1667-1668  War of Devolution between France & Spain over Lowlands

1668  Sir Henry Morgan's pirates seize Camargo, (Camaguey) Cuba

1670-1671  Cossack and peasant uprising under Stenkin Razin

1671  Jukun (Kwararafa) defeat Kano, Nigeria

1671  Jukun fight Katsina in Nigeria

1672-8/1676       Poland and Turkey fight over Ukraine . 8/1676 Zlotsona 10K           83

1673-1681  San fan rebellion in China

1674  Matuca revolts from Dutch

1674  Revolt of the Three Feudatories in China

1674  Dutch privateers attack French Acadia in Canada

1674  French temporarily driven out of Madagascar

TABS .48" 2.05"

1675-1676  King Philip's War in New England 3 Indians .6 Colonists          3.6

1675  Brandenberg defeats Sweden

1675  Iroquois defeat Conestoga Indians

1676  Dutch privateers attack French Acadia in Canada

1677-1681  Russia and Turkey fight

1678  Hungarians try to revolt against Hapsburgs

~1680 Revolt of the short ears in Easter Island

1680-1704  Creek Indians with English wapons attack Spanish missions

1682  Salem fishermen attack French Acadia in Canada

1682-1899  Austria and Turkey fight

7/17-9/12 1683 Ottomans besiege Vienna

1682  Streltsy (musketeers) revolt in Russia

1683  Manchu Admiral Shi Lang takes Taiwan from Cheng Chin

1683-1699  Europeans against the Turks

1684-1688  Venice takes Peloponessus from Turks

7/61685     @Sedgemoor Duke of Monmouth defeated and killed

1685  English and French Buccaneers fight Spanish fleet

1685  Arhcibald Campbell 9th Duke of Argyll tries to invade Scotland

1685  Camisards' Revolt in France

1686  Mughal Aurangzeeb captures Bijapur, India

1687  @Athens Venetian bombardment damages Parthenon

1688  The governor of New York attacks French Acadia in Canada

1688  @England Glorious Revolution of William & Mary                  0

1689  France and England fight, and French and English buccaneers fight

10/1688-1689     French devastate Rhine Palatinate

8/1689      Catholics besiege Derry in North Ireland

1689  French burn Alzey in Hesse, Germany

1689  Streltsy (musketeers) revolt in Russia

1689-1697  War of the League of Augsburg (France invades Rhineland)

1689-1697  King Williams War between French and English

7/12/1690  @Boyne William III 35/40K defeats father-in-law Jas II 21K         1.5

1690  Port Royale in Canada destroyed

1690  Sir William Phips tries to capture Quebec city. 400 New Englanders die       0.4

1690  Pueblo and Zuñi Indians rebel against Spanish

1691  Nguyen Vietnamese capture Saigon in Indochina

1691  Turks sack Kutaisi, Georgia

1692  Spanish reconquer Pueblo and Zuñi Indians

5/1692      @La Lougue French fleet defeated

1693  Dutch capture Pondicherry, India from French

1693  Jan Kyuzina revolts against Hapsburgs

1694-1720  Moors unsuccessfully besiege Ceuta

1695-1696  Peter the Great takes Azov from Turkey

1696-1697  Omanis besiege Portuguese Fort Jesus in Kenya

1696  Chinese take Zungaria

9/11/1697  @Zenta Austrians defeat Ottomans in decisive battle

1698  Final Streltsy revolt in Russia

1700-1721  Great Northern War Charles XII of Sweden

First battle at Narva 10K Russians            10

1700  Vietnamese conquer Laos

1701  Swedes capture Liepaja, Russia

1701-1713  War of the Spanish Succession Eng. Aist., Neth., Prus. vs. Fr, Sp.

8/15/1702  @Luzza in War of Sp. Secession                           31

1702-1713  Queen Anne's War

1702  English sack Arecibo, Puerto, Rico

1704  @Blenheim in War of Sp. Succession Eng. et al. defeat French 17

1704  50 Brits + 1K Creeks slaughter Timucuas                  ~3

1705-1706  Astrakhan Peasants rebel against Peter the Great

1707-1708  Bon Basin peasants rebel against Peter the Great

1709  @Poltava Peter the Great 40K defeats 25K Swedes               8.4

1710-1711/13     Russia fights Turkey

1711  Druse faction defeated in Lebanon

7/24/1712  @Denain in the War of Spanish Succession         2.88

1715  Stuarrts try to rebel in Scotland

1717  Russia invades Khwarezm

1717  @Belgrade, Yugoslavia III              40

1720  Chinese take Tibet

1720  Afghans briefly occupy Kerman, Iran

1721-1735  Revolts in Paraguey

1722  Afghans conquer Iran

1726  Spanish attack Port. Colonia de Sacramento in Uruguay

1729  Afghans driven out of Iran

1730  Turks reconquer all of Armenia

1731  Iranians besiege Kars, Turkey

1733  The nawab of Bengal conquered Tippera in Bangladesh

1733-1734/35     War of Polish Succession: Spain,France vs.Austria

1735  Persian Nadir Shah takes Armenia from Turks

1736-1739  Russia and Turkey fight

1737  Russian Munnich captures Ochakov fromTurks

1737-1739  Arung Singkang keeps Celebes from the Dutch

1738  Turkomen Nadir Shah sacks Qandahar, S. Afghanistan

1739  @Stavutschina Russian Munnich defeats Turks

1739  Nadir Shah sacks Delhi, India

1739-1741  War of Jenkin's Ear between Britain and Spain over trade

~1740 Dutch and British fight in Ghana

1740-1760  Kazembe II of Kazembe extends Kazembe

1740-1748  War of the Austrian Succession

1741-1742  Germany defeats Austria

1742  Oglethorpe defeats Spanish in Georgia

1743  Nadir Shah of Persia attacks Turks

1744-1748  King George's War in America

1745  Second German-Austrian war

1745  @Prestonpans Edward the Young Pretender +2Kdefeats English

1746-1748  French occupy Madras, India

1746  Jacobites destroy Inverness

4/16/1746  Battle of Culloden Moor (7K vs. 9K)          5

1747-1794  Anarchy in Iran

1748  @Pondicherry I in India, English vs. French

1749  @Devicotta, Bengal Brits defeat Tanjore army

-3/1751     British-French Wars in India

1750  Protuguese slaughter Guarani in Paraguay

1751  English seize Arcot in India                   0.075

1751/1752  @Chingleput (in Seven Years War)

1752  Chinese conquer Tibet

1754/55-1763     French and Indian War

1752  Mon rebellion in Burma

1755  Chin Chinese capture Kashgar oasis

1756  Afghan Ahmad Shah captures Delhi, India

1756  @Calcutta, India

1756-1763  Seven Years War: Eng,Prus. vs. Aus,Fra,Rus,Swe

1756  Algerians capture Tunis, behead Ali-Bey

1756  Alaungpaya of Burma captures Syriam of Talaing

1757  Battle of Leuthen

1757  3K Anglo-British defeat 60K Bengali army

1758  English capture Kingston, Ontario

1759  English defeat French in Quebec (Belle Isle)        1.4

1759  Alaungpaya of Burma massacres India/British settlement         .108

1759  Khalkhas and Manchus almost extirminate Oirats

1760  Alaungpaya of Burma invading Siam when he died

1760  @Wandinsh I

1761  @Panipat Afghans defeat Marathas

1761  Haidar Ali deposes Raja of Mysore

1762  Havana captured by British

1762  @Barkensdorf

1763-1766  Chief Pontiac's Rebellion

1763  Marathas capture Kheda

1763  Ottawa Chief Pontiac rebels

1763  Last of Conestoga Indians massacred

1764-1767  Burmese destroy Ahudya in Siam (Thailand)               990

1765  Indian Hyder Ali destroys town of Kozhilode

1765  Illinois Indians defeated

1765  Cyprus tries to revolt against Turks

1766  Pirates take Kharg Island, Iran from Dutch

1767  Burmese repel Chinese

1768  Haidar Ali defeats British Bombay army

1768  Gurkhas conquer Nepal

1768-1774  Russo-Turkish War

1769  Kizhi Peasant Revolt in Russia                             6

@Mt Leikung Chinese defeat Miao                          10

1769  Venetians try to fight Barbary pirates

~1771-1775 Vermont Green Mtn boys terrorize New Yorkers in Vermont

1771  300 Kalmucks move to China: Russians,Turks attack             200

1771  Kizhi Peasant Revolt in Russia

1771/72-1802     Tay Son revolt in Vietnam

3/4/1772    Frenchman Nicholas Marin de Fresne shoots Tasmanians

1773-1775  Emelian Pugachev and serfs try to revolt in Russia

1773  Battle of Cain

1774  Successful revolt in Oyo empire, Dahomey

1773-1775  Peasants rebel in Russia; crushed; revolt in Kazan

4/19/1775-10/19/1781-/83 American Revolution (4,435 U.S. battlefield deaths [Defense Dept.]) 25.3

1775  @Lexington, @Concord @Bunker Hill in American Revolution

1775-1782  British defeat Marathas in India

1777  @Saratoga in American Revolution

~1778 Anarchy in the Oyo Empire, Dahomey

1778  Siamese occupy Laos

7/1778-1779       War of Bavaian Succession - Skirmish between Prussia and Austria

1779-1783  Spanish and French besiege Gibralter

1779  Captain Cook and the Hawaiians fight

1780  British take Kalyan

1780-1781  First British-Mysore War

1780  @Ponari

1780-1782  60K Condorcanqui+60K try to revolt in Peru

1781  @Yorktown in American Revolution American + French defeat Brits

1781  Revolts in new Granada (Colombia)

1781  @Porto Novo British defeat Mysore

?1782-1784 Mysore successfully fights British

1782  @Mokuohai Hawaiian Kamehameha I defeats and kills Kiwalao

1782-1795  Kamehameha I unites all Hawaii exceptt Kauai

1782  Vietnamese Civil War; many Chinese emigres massacred

1782  @off Mokuohai Hawaiian Kamehameha defeats Kiwalao

1782-1810  Hawaiian Kamehameha unifies Hawaii

1783  Russia defeats Crimean Khanate

1784  Venice attacks Susah

1784  70 armed Russinas kill Alutiiq Indians on Kodiak Islands   1.5

1785  burmese copture Arakan

1785  Venice attacks Halq al-Waidi

1787  Vietnamese repel Qing Chinese

1787-1792  Russo-Turkish War

1788  Russian Peter Bagration besieges Ochakov

1789  Tay Son brothers reunite Vietnam

1789-1799  British win Second British Mysore War              2.2

1789-1900  U.S soldiers killed in Indian Wars - 1,391 wounded              1.105

1789-1790  Brabancons under Henry van der Noot revolt from Joseph II

7/14/1789-1790 -1 5mo French Revolution/ Reign of Terror                        2.5

1790  Gurkhas invade Tibet; Chinese defeat

1790-1793  Haitian slaves rebel against French

1792-1799  France defeats first coalition

1793-1794  Reign of Terror in France

1793  Valenciennes surrenders to Spanish + Allies

Sp/1794-10/14/94 Whiskey rebellion in Western Pennsyllvania

1794  Thermidorian revolt in France                             1.449

1794  Battle of Fallen Timbers in USA

1794  @Tourcoing French defeat Brits & Austrians

1794  Russians fight the Polish. Praga and Warsaw captured

1794-1800  Undeclared naval war between France & U.S. - XYZ Affair

1794-1795  France defeats Spain

1795  War of the Third Coalition Spain France vs.

1795  Caribs revolt from Brits in St. Vincent & Grenadine

1795-1796  British take Sri Lanka from Dutch

1796-3/1814       Napoleon (1812 <600K)          1100

1797-1798  British blockade Cadiz

1797  Creolse try to take over Venezuala in rebellion

1797  Pan-chiang riot in China                            3

1798  Napoleon conquers Malta

7/2/1798    French troops capture Alexandria

1798  Napoleon defeats Egyptian Mamelukes in Egypt

8/1/1798    Battle of the Nile (Aboikir Bay) Nelson & Brits defeat French 9.9

1799-1802  France defeats second coalition

1800  Fulani capture Bornu capital Birnni Ngazagamu in Jihad

~1800-1860 Maoris fight among themselves with Western guns        80

3/21/1801  @Alexandria 14K British defeat 20K French 1.5K B+1.2K F 2.628

1801-1805  American naval action against Barbary States

1802  Nguyen Phuc Anh of Annam conquers Tonkin

1803  Britain and France fight

1803  British overthrow Kandy in Sri Lanka

1803-1804  British subdue some Pindari bandits

5/3/1804    First massacre of Tasmanians by English settlers with cannon

1803 Britain takes Pondicherry, India from French

1804-1807  Fulani Jihad against Hausa

1804-1812  Fulani Jihad

~1805 Pindari raids in India 3.6K tortured, 0.682 killed/wounded 1

12/2/1805  @Austerlitz 68K French vs. 90K Austro-Russian           34

10/21/1805 @Trafalgar Nelson+27 Brit ships defeat 18 Fr + 15 Sp. ships          1.5+7

12/2/1805  @Austerlitz 65K French defeat 85K Allies                        6.8+12.2

1806  Francisco Miranda land in Venezuela to try to take over

1806  @Jena in Napoleonic Wars

1806  Lewis & Clark Expedition kills 2 Blackfoot - beginning of hostilities

1806  Jean Dessalines overthrown in Haiti

1806-1807  British attack Buenos Aires

1807  Algerians invade Tunisia

1807  Haitian Civil War between Christopher and Petion

1807-1812  Turkey vs. Russia and Britain

1807  British attack Buenos Aires, Argentina again

1808-1809 Usuman dan Fodio almost conquers Kanem-Bornu near Lake Chad

1808-1809  Pindaris raid Gujarat

1808-1814  Peninsular War: Spanish revolt with English help

1809  35K French besiege Gerona, Spain

1810-1880  Uruguayans struggle for Independence

5/25/1810  Independence for Argentina

8/14/1811  Paraguay Independent

1810-1816  Independence for Uruguay, Paraguay

1811  Janissaries revolt in Tunisia

11/7//1811 @Tippecanoe 800 Americans vs. 3K Indians                ~0.6

9/7/1812    Napoleon & 125K defeat Russian Kutuzov & 130K                  74

1812  Pindari bandits raid Mirzapur

1812  Fulani Jihad destroys Ngazargamu, Bornu capital

1812  Ismail Pacha conquers Nubian Arabs